10 Comics By French Artist That Raise Public Awareness About The Abandonment Of Pets


Summer offers joy, amazing moments, and, of course, our long-awaited vacations for the majority of us. However, this is not the situation for most pets in France, as summer means stepping out of their comfort zone and beginning a harsh street existence for some. During the summer, over 100,000 pets become unwanted and abandoned in France. Let’s agree that this number is terrifying, especially since it’s just for the summer!

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1 Santa’s little wander, the Simpsons

Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

In reality, when people are unable to find a kennel, a pet-sitter, or take them along, they are abandoned, and then they prefer to abandon their pets rather than miss their holidays. The tragic reality is that their owners do not fork over all these pets to a shelter and that’s how they end up abandoned on the streets. They are also euthanized by some of them.

2 Asterix

3 Scooby-Doo

Much of this arises because in a consumer culture we live and a pet is always treated as an impulse buy. As a Christmas gift, people simply buy a pet for their kids and if they become a minor obstacle in preparing their holidays, they don’t hesitate to abandon them. But sometimes they forget that a pet is a living and caring creature rather than a toy!

4 Pikachu

5 Up

In order to open our eyes to this horrible injustice, several awareness-raising activities have been put in motion, but one initiative stands out from the crowd. The project is called “Summer Adventures” and is an amateur production by Nicolas Amiard, the artistic director. Reflecting on this urgent situation and raising public consciousness of abandonment is the idea of this initiative.

6 Snoopy

7 Mickey Mouse

The series portrays classic comics from our childhood: they all demonstrate how the characters from our childhood would feel if they were left out and abandoned on summer holidays, from Scooby-Doo to the Simpsons and Tintin, Asterix, and Pokemon. Who else will affect our hearts more than our childhood comics, after all?

8 Boule & Bill

9 Tintin

10 Lucky Luke

All Image credits: Nicolas Amiard

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