13 Delicious Dog-Inspired Comics That Will Make You Feel Blessed


Since the beginning of time, dogs have played a vital role in our lives. They cannot be compensated for the great delight and pleasure they bring to our lives. We encounter a lot of heartwarming dog-related content on social media every day, which keeps us motivated and cheerful.

Another method to show our affection for our furry companions is through comics, and they certainly deserve it. People are finding it incredibly relatable that various comic artists are generating comics on their real events with dogs.

“K.,” a creative artist at Hey Buddy Comics, created inspirational and wholesome dog comics. Since his dog was a puppy, he’s been making comics.

The intense love I felt for an animal I couldn’t communicate with inspired me to imagine the conversations we’d have if dogs could speak.

We’ve gathered some of his most popular comics to bring a grin to your face. Enjoy the ride by scrolling down!

Image Source : heybuddycomics






After sketching comics about his dogs, he discovered that people enjoyed them. That was his driving force. I began by creating brief dialogues, but the results were not what I had hoped for. So I decided to make a comic out of it to bring them to life.






There’s a famous webcomic series named Hey Buddy Comics started by artist K. He has gain 223K Instagram followers and the numbers are still counting.