15 More Of The Hilarious Comics With Unexpectedly Dark Endings By ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’


If you haven’t been living under a rock and have spent any time on the internet, you are definitely familiar with this artist, who has been sharing his whimsical and gloomy ideas in the form of comics for the past decade. If it appears to be new, you will undoubtedly join the fellowship after reading this post. Nicholas Gurewitch, the creator of the Perry Bible Fellowship comics, isn’t hesitant to tackle important and difficult subjects, as well as taboo content, wrapped in dark comedy.

Dark humor is a fantastic method to discuss all of the strange and often bizarre features of our existence. Thinking beyond the box produces clever comics with unexpected twist endings that may make you feel terrible for laughing at the end.

Check out our previous post for a dark dessert, and scroll down to view new comics from the famed Perry Bible Fellowship!

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Sir Leopold

Not only are the comics’ ends surprising, but so are the style and characters. The Perry Bible Fellowship stands out because of its versatility and creative artwork. The amazing artist has created everything the concept required, from simple human figures with no facial features to exquisite watercolor settings, bright cartoons, and intricate multi-panel narrative. Gurewitch uses people, animals, fantastical and fairy-tale characters, nature, food, and everyday household and other inanimate objects as subjects of his comics, which leaves us intrigued for every new strip.



The Perry Bible Fellowship grew out of The Daily Orange, a Syracuse University student newspaper that was the first to publish comics. It included comics by numerous well-known cartoonists, including Vaughn Bode, Brad Anderson, and Robb Armstrong, in addition to Gurewitch’s early work.

“After a brief stint as a journalist for the same newspaper, I began drawing comics for my student newspaper in college. I

enjoy getting others to think about topics in new ways. Sharing perplexity is a mental fetish. Gurewitch told Bored Panda that “wonder grows there.”

The Perry Bible Fellowship has amassed a cult following of 307k dark humor fans on Instagram and over 141k Facebook fans throughout the years.


The flight

The Report

New Puppy

Snow Globe


Lucky Day


The Talk

The End.