2 Comics Of Pixie And Brutus Will Makes Your day batter


By: Ben Hed 

Have you ever noticed that there is something different or unique in people who have pets or animal lovers? Well, you may have noticed it if you have been in a relationship with them. No doubt, you can feel some kind of pure emotion or dedication in animal lovers. That how they love their furry little friends with their purest heart and devotion.

They don’t need any words to antedate the desires of their pets. So, how can they ignore yours? A universal language of love and care exists that only a pure and caring heart can contemplate and understand. Animals cannot speak our language, neither no can we speak theirs. But we can understand it with their subtle and cues. The same happens with Brutus and Pixie. They are the most exceptional characters of our comics that almost everybody loves.

Pixie is a little mellow and lovely cat with an innocent heart and a tiny mischievous mind. But Brutus is a big, loyal, vicious, and protective military dog with a caring heart and a peaceful mind. They both live friendly with their owner in the same house. You may know that animal lovers are very comfortable with unsophisticated and uncultivated things that their pets do. So, the same happened with their owner. He can easily find fun and enjoy all day with them.

So, we have bought two comics of Pixie and Brutus for you that will make your day better. In the first comic, you will see the love and excitement of Pixie for a small puddle in the grass. After witnessing the puddle, she couldn’t stop herself from jumping in it. But as always, Brutus has saved her from being drowning. And in the second comic, you will enjoy the hilarious, mischievous behavior of little Pixie. And how she made Brutus laugh at her with the juicy pickle jar.

Comic no 1

1# No choice but to save Pixie

Animal lovers love their pets unconditionally no matter what. They are in love with every behavior of their pets, having no choice but to bear it. They will still love their pets even if they cause a tremendous economic loss to them. Owning a dog also makes you physically fit because of the all-day activities of training your dog. It increases your stamina to bear any unexpected circumstances.

The same happened with the owner of Pixie and Brutus. Brutus has broken the window glass into pieces. The owner is temporarily angry at him, but it is a usual act. He knows very well that Pixie and Brutus love him so much, and their love is limitless. 

2# A small puddle

You may have seen many small puddles as a small accumulation of water in the grassland. It is complicated to guess if the puddle is shallow or deep. Puddles can designate the presence of a dribble or seep. Usually, a puddle is small and shallow enough to walk through. Many animals love puddles and use them as a source of immersion, fun, or moisturizer.

Grasslands add to the beauty of a puddle, as happened in this comic. A cool breeze was blowing when Pixie saw the puddle in the grass. The breeze was cuddling with the grass and the fur of Pixie. She enjoyed it and got excited. In excitement, she jumped to splash in the little charming puddle.

3# Splash in Puddle

The grass was fluttering in the cool breeze. The green color of grass was dominating in the fields, and the grass was moving as a heaven-weaved comforter of the surface. And the sound of the brisk wind sounded very pleasant to Pixie. Well, who doesn’t like such rustling of leaves? Everybody wants it, so does Pixie.

She enjoyed the softness of grass in her little paws when she jumped into the charming little puddle. The sunlight irradiated the spheres of water in the puddle. Pixie didn’t know how deep the puddle is. In excitement, she just jumped into the puddle without considering the consequences.

4# Caring but angry Brutus

All of you must have heard many phrases about the cats and dogs about how they fight or settled down. Well, it’s not always the truth that cats and dogs always fight. They might be good friends too. Sometimes they became prompt foes or sometimes friends. Controversy exists here. The same happened with Pixie and Brutus.

Brutus has developed tolerance against the mischievous behavior of Pixie. Not only patience, but he has also developed feelings of love and care for his little friend. He understands the behavior of Pixie very well. He is always ready to help her at every cost.

5# Pixie can’t swim

Dogs always enjoy the company of their owners and their family. But you may know that the cats are sometimes or primarily loners. They feel superior and are not bound by rules. They do whatever they want to do. They don’t follow directions. Sometimes cats like wandering alone or sometimes cuddle with their owners.

Being a cat, little Pixie has the same strategy. She does, what she wants to do, irrespective of consequences. She owns her own rules. But Brutus is always there to help her, to protect her from the harms of this world.

6# Exciting puddles

Pixie liked the puddles so much. She gets excited whenever she saw any puddle in the grass. Almost everybody likes the calm and blue water. So, how Pixie could ignore it. Being very vigorous, she is not afraid of the results.

7# Innocent but energetic

Every animal has their characteristics and personalities. Some are trouble generating, some nasty, some innocent, some loyal, and some are just lovely. We can’t make them change. They are what they have been for many years. But you can train them to live calmly socially

8# Trying to jump again

Pixie has always been energetic with an innocent little heart. She loves playing with trouble. Brutus is now well aware of her acts and tries to save her. He always pretends to be severe and sober, but we all know his heart well.

9# Quick catching Brutus

Pixie lives in her imaginary world, where no danger exists. Being a military dog, Brutus is well aware of the hazards and risks of this world.

He always tries to teach her some serious behavior. But Pixie is too innocent to learn it all. She’s not afraid of anything, as she knows that her owner or Brutus will always protect her.

Comic no 2

1# Pixie in Pickle

In this comic, you can see the amiable little kitten and a ferocious military dog being friends. These are our Pixie and Brutus. Once she said to Brutus that how do pickles enjoy a day out? Brutus didn’t know. And she told pickles to relish it. She always bought such questions for Brutus, whose answers are hilarious. You can see, this time, Pixie is stuck in the pickle jar. Let’s see the response of Brutus over it.

2# Dill Pixie

Being ingenious, mischievous, and clumsy, Pixie always entertains Brutus. She never let him bore at all. Whenever she sees a pickle jar, she used to say that my name is Pickle Pixie. I am a pickle Pixie; Pickle is juicy, and I am clumsy. Have you ever thought about what happens when life gives you pickles as a substitute for lemons? You dill with it as you can see her contented in the pickle jar.

3# Juicy Jar

Pixie loves exploring new things. She usually explores the house of his owner. This time she’s on the mission of exploring the juicy pickle jar. Getting in the jar isn’t that easy, especially when it is a dill pickle jar.

4# Clever Pixie

Brutus is a big loyal, and protective dog who is always on the mission to save Pixie. But Pixie always bought trouble to irritate him and make him laugh in one way or the other.

5# Stuck in a jar

You can see the humor of Pixie there. At last, she is thriving on her mission of mocking and joking Brutus. He’s now laughing at her thoughts and naughty acts. Being a military and responsive dog, it is not always easy to enjoy animated shows.