20 Adorable Comics About Couple’s Love And Their Daily Adventures With Their Dog


Giving red roses and chocolate boxes to your loved ones isn’t passion. It’s not all about expensive gifts or amazing signals. It’s all about the special moments you share with the ones you care about the most. It’s about morning hugs and the strength that two people get from each other.

Crislane Passos, a Brazilian artist, creates adorable comics with two human characters called Max and Julia and a cute puppy. Passos hilariously depicts their day-to-day adventures, which are relatable to the majority of people around the world.

Crislane came up with this concept while writing a novel a few years ago. However, he had such strong feelings for the two and the dog that he was unable to say his goodbyes when the book was over. He gave his whole heart and soul to Max and Julia’s relationship, regularly delivering animation drawings about their adventures with the dog and everyday life.

way they’re holding on to their feelings in their relationship.

We’ve compiled a list of some of his most well-known comics that will appeal to the majority of people. Take a look at these funny and endearing comics by scrolling down. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Image Source : crislane_passos


Image Source : crislane_passos


Image Source : crislane_passos

Crislane maintains an Instagram account where he regularly posts all of the comics he creates. His comics contain a kind of mystery that draws a large number of people to the internet. He’s amassed a total of 444K Instagram followers. The numbers are always adding up.


Image Source : crislane_passos


Image Source : crislane_passos


Image Source : crislane_passos


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