20 Hilarious Humor Comics that will make you laugh


As the definition says, humor is anything that causes fun. The joke “A conductor was recently electrocuted, proving, after all, that he was a good conductor” is funny (for some at least), but so is a smile.

Laughter in the office can take the form of watching Office episodes during lunch or taking a break to play table football; it can take any form.

The most essential thing to remember is that humor, in all of its forms, is good for work and life. The office comedy adds to the enjoyment of “9-5”.

Many individuals believe that something must make them laugh in order to be considered funny. While comedians can use it as a metric of success, that isn’t the case when it comes to workplace comedy.

Humor is defined as anything that relaxes the body, makes people breathe, makes them grin, or makes them happy.

In fact, it’s becoming fashionable in the professional world to suppress laughter. And, as absurd as it may appear, there are a number of them.





















The important thing to remember is that humor, in its many forms, is beneficial to work and life. Office humor makes “9-5” more enjoyable.

Many people assume that for something to be considered funny, it must evoke laughter. And while comedians can use that as a measure of success, that’s not the case with humor at work. Anything that relaxes the body, makes people breathe, elicits a smile, or causes happiness is humor.

In fact, the trend in the business world is to stifle laughter. And as silly as it may sound, there are a number of reasons why people don’t laugh at work. But the use of humor can help change that.