20 New Funny Yehuda Comics That Show The Couple’s Difficulties With Pregnancy


Via their comics ” One of those days, ” Tel Aviv illustrator Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya Devir have shared their enchanting friendship with the world, from funny everyday moments to life-changing decisions. We last featured the couple to reveal their year-long attempts at having a daughter, followed by Maya’s pregnancy announcement. “We tried for a year to conceive.In the end, we realised that the greatest development we can aspire to is our own family, ” said Yehuda in 2018. The couple has returned, and Maya’s pregnancy has been beautifully depicted.

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Despite the difficulties, this friendly and imaginative pair persevered by remaining close. “We’ve been together for so long that our friendship and love seem to be very deep, and we believe that if we work together, we can accomplish something. We become stronger as a result of our challenges.





The couple’s fans adore them for expressing their joys and sorrows. “When they see the comics, they realise they’re not alone… There are those in the world that are like them, with ups and downs in relationships, and it gives them consolation.



Maya and Yehuda met while serving in the military, and after a long time of friendship, they began dating. “We aim to build enjoyable memories by illustration by basing our comics on actual events that have happened to us.




While Yehuda is the lead illustrator, his wife is also an artist who assists him with compositional concepts and sketches. “Then I sit down and get to work,” she says. Maya adds her suggestions for improvement after I’m done, such as colour, typography, and so on. The whole procedure takes less than a day.



I wanted to thank all of our fans and the love they give us. Thanks to you we can continue creating “One of those days” and make the world a happier place.