20 Popular Characters And Unsettling Behind-The-Scenes, Revealed By Talented Artist


Pop culture is constantly evolving, taking on new forms in each era. It is made up of a wide range of films, genres, songs, and characters that change year after year, if not month after month. On the other hand, there are those characters who do not change and remain with us for a long time. Disney, Pokemon, and DragonBallZ are just a few examples. Meet Alex Solis, who takes these figures and applies his one-of-a-kind artistic method to them. He is a gifted American artist who, shockingly, is a cultural shift master. He has a bachelor’s degree in design and a master’s degree in Web development, and he is a hard worker. His skills were enhanced by mastering programming and design, which enabled him to make incredible artwork.As a result of his hard work and dedication. He has created a series titled “unpopular culture.” If you enjoy dark storylines with unexpected twists, then this post is for you. In a recent interview, he mentioned that he intended to “help fans see their beloved characters in a fresh light.” Scroll down to see these incredible photos. We are confident that you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to keep an eye on it until the very finish. Thank you very much!

1. ‘I Wasn’t Aware That Is How The Among Us Characters Were Born’

Photo Credit:  Alex Solis 

2. The Unseen Mickey Mouse

3. Well This Is Dark

4. Buy One Get One

5. I’m Friend With The Monster That’s Under My Bed

6. If Elsa Went To Gym

7. Alex Solis Is Really A Professional, Creating Amazing Art For Us

8. The Conflict Is Real

9. The Accuracy Speaks For Itself

10. This Got Me Laughing Hard, This Is The Way Baby Yooda

How can you be weary of scrolling if you haven’t yet? Isn’t this art too amazing to pass up? Some of these make you laugh out loud. Continue scrolling to see a few more of these illustrations we’ve gathered for you.

11. This Really Gotta Hurt Man

12. The Truth Behind Mario’s Moustache

13. Buy One Get One Free

14. I Feel Bad For Him

15. Picka Picka

16. Well It’s A Twisted Plot

17. So Close

18. These Illustrations Are Amazing

19. Monday Is Always A Working Day No Matter What

20. This Is How You Create Dark Illustrations

Behind the scenes with these 20 well-known personalities is a work of art. Alex Solis is a hard worker who takes pride in his work. As a result, wonderful art is created to entertain us. These illustrations were both amusing and disturbing. Did you enjoy them? We’re confident you did. In the comments section below, let us know what you think about this article. Remember to like and share. Keep an eye out for more updates. Thank you very much!