25 funniest new comics about parrots, illustrated by the owner of the birds herself


By: Sarah

Many people love to keep parrots as pets. Parrots are the most lovely and cheeky birds that almost everybody loves. They are not only colorful or pretty but also they are very smart in many cases. There are hundreds of species of parrots, so you have a wide range of choices ahead to pick one for you. Every parrot has its own unique and distinguishing characters. But Psittacidae is the true parrots. Parrots eat food with the help of their feet, just like we eat with our hands. They like to mimic the sounds they hear from their owners or other objects to communicate. They are famous particularly for their ability to mimic sounds. So, they don’t let you bored.

If you want to keep a parrot as a pet, it would be a great choice. They are the most ingenious and fascinating birds. Many parrots can live for about fifty to sixty years, you don’t need to worry about the separation. As they have a longer life span, so they need extra attention, care, and plenty of time. They are proved to be a great companion for humans and a good friend to spend time with when you are sad or alone.

In these comics, we have bought some marvelous illustrations about the parrots by our prestigious artist Sarah. She has two little and admirable birds as pets, and she had illustrated their fun behaviors in these comics. She loves her birds so much that she has dedicated these comics to her birds. These comics are the perfect reflection of life with parrots. You will surely enjoy these comics, so scroll down for more fun.

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1# Parrots exaggerate things

In this comic, you can see a crow family. The mother crow is telling a story to her children about their dads. You can see the hilarious exaggeration of the story.

2# Some birds proved to be dumb

This comic is hysterical. The bird has been talking to a fake bird for a long time. The bird considers him as his true friend because he listens to the bird quietly. But when the bird thanked him for always hear him out, he came to know about something hilarious.

3# Parrots are smarter than humans

Parrots are so famous for their smartness and innocence. The artist has illustrated her experience with her pet birds in this comic about the cage and the fun life of her parrot.

4# They have strong beaks

The parrots have very strong beaks. They are famous for their sharp and curved beaks. If you don’t have a very close bond with your parrot, never try to place your finger near his beak. They can crack the metal cages and nutshells with their beaks. So, you can now surely understand what will happen you’re your finger. As parrots are omnivorous, besides fruits and vegetables, they love to eat insects as well.

5# Some birds are always hungry

Being omnivorous parrots can eat both vegetables and meat. But mostly they love to eat seeds, they like to crack seeds with their strong beaks. They also eat fruits and flowers. They can live happily by eating fruits or vegetables

In this comic, you can the cleverness of the parrots. They are trying to get the food hilariously.

6# Budgie board

This comic is about the budgie birds. They are excitedly reading the alphabet written on the budgie board.

7#Parrots are sometimes dramatic

Parrots are always hungry. They try to get food from their owner by many tricks. But they don’t realize that they are extra dramatic.

8# Bites everyone

Budgie birds bit everyone. But if you own one, you need to train him with patience. In this comic, you can see that the bird has bitten his owner again, but she loves him at every cost. The bites of these birds are not so damaging but they can be painful and scary, especially for children.

9# Spooky ideas

These birds always find something entertaining for them to enjoy. As they became bored so quickly.

10# They are good friends

The budgie birds can be very worthy pets to the right owners, because of their affection and desire to love and interact with people. They are proved to be very cuddly and trusty friends. And they need the love, time, and affection of their owners.

11# Dumb in some acts

Sometimes, these birds can be so dumb that they can be in trouble because of their unwise ideas. As you can see the entertaining flop idea of the bird in this comic.

12# Halloween ideas

In this comic, the bird’s family is enjoying Halloween together. These birds are looking so admirable and stunning that anyone can fell in love with them easily.

13# Proudy swans

Swans are very well-known as the most gorgeous birds. They live up to their repute. Being very beautiful, royal, and majestic they are famous for being graceful and nonviolent. Sometimes, they can be very arrogant as illustrated in this comic. 

14# Deviations from reality

You cannot always expect good and peaceful behaviors from your pet birds especially parrots.

15# They like darkness to sleep

Parrots like to sleep in the darkness. In the case of sleeping, they are just like us. For them light means the daytime, so they became active when there is light. They have the hereditary ability to stay awake the whole day. So, you need to turn off the lights, to let your parrot sleep, otherwise, there might be some serious health issues. 

16# Don’t be a turkey

Turkey birds are the cleverest of all the birds. They have sharp and small brains. Turkey birds can change their colors whenever they want. They are so stunning.

17# Werecrow

The budgie birds are sometimes moody. But if you own one, you may have an idea about his nature. Like if he wags its tail, it means he is excited and happy. Or they can flap their wings to express their cheerfulness.

18# Budgies life

In this comic, the artist has illustrated some facts about the budgie bird. He is bragging himself as he considers himself a very smart and ideal bird. The budgie bird is telling some unsaid truths about himself like he likes to eat vegetables and fruits besides the seeds. It can be cheap but he needs extra care. He loves loud music. He can be your best friend if you give him your time and affection.

19# Parrots keep their eyes open

Parrots don’t close their eyes normally. They only close their eyes when they are at complete ease. They have the instincts to keep their eyes open for their survival.

20# They like toys

If you own a parrot as a pet, you must understand his nature. You need to know about his mood, if he is angry, stressed, sad, or happy. If your parrot is stressed or sad, try to give him some treats and add toys to his cage. It will increase his playtime and his stress will be released. They love to play with the toys, so try to add new toys after some time.

21# Clever budgies

In this comic, the artist has illustrated the most irritating behavior of her pet. As she doesn’t like it when her bird hides away. She became so worried about him, but the bird enjoys it.

22# I’m not scared

This illustration is hilarious. It expresses the rude behavior of the parrots.

24# Over smart

Well, who doesn’t love potato fries? We all have done this kind of epic adventure in our lives. So, you might love this illustration the most. 

25# Want to eat everything

Parrots can feel emotions. They may have different moods at different times like they can be happy, sad, or angry. When they are sad or angry, they love being petted by their owners.

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