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3 Comics Of Pixie And Brutus Will Make Your Day More Better


Artist: Ben hed/Ig Pet foolery

Human and animal interaction incorporates any situation where there is an interchange between
humans and animals at an individual or cultural level. These interactions are varied and
idiosyncratic and may be fleeting or profound.
But here in Pet Foolery, you will see the marvelous relationship between Pixie and Brutus. You
can see It’s all about the most incredible animal affiliation between a little kitty pixie and a big
solemn dog Brutus.
Cats and dogs have a wide range of interactions. The instincts of each species lead towards
antagonistic interactions, so do Pixie and Brutus have. These 3 comics of Pixie and Brutus will
make your day better. And will put you in a grumpy pet laugh. They are popular pets because
they are playful, friendly, joyful, loyal, and loving.

Comic no 1

1# Favourite Weather

Almost everybody likes changing weather, especially windy weather. When the cool breeze
blows, it takes all the sorrows and hatreds away. So, how Pixie could even overlook these brisk
and blustery winds.
Cats can taste the scents on the air, so does Pixie. The Gentle wind is cuddling her fluffy fur, and
she is enjoying it wholeheartedly.

2# Rustle from unknown

Pixie is a little, crafty and curious cat. She’s so cheerful that she always neglects the real World
facts. There is a gust and blast. Pixie can feel a strong wind blowing all over the grass and hitting
her delicate body.
Meanwhile, she heard a rustle. She is vigorous and devoted, so hesitated for a while, and then
thought of an adventure.

3# Brutus response

The signals and behaviors that cats and dogs use to communicate are different and can lead to
signals of fear, dominance, or friendship. Dogs have an instinct to chase smaller animals that
flee, an instinct common among cats. So, Brutus noticed it all and responded to the cool windy

4# Mischievous Idea

Being playful and bouncing, she was relishing the weather. And an idea hit upon her, after
hearing that rustling of the stunning green grass. But you cannot expect a calm and peaceful idea
from her, can you?
Not. Well, right!

5# Hovering

So, in these relishing and blistering winds, she decided to hover over the sky. Cats can do almost
anything they want, so did Pixie. A little delicate mass of fluffy fur. You can see her in the light,
of a cold breezy sky.

6# Wind fun

Cats can jump up to six times their length. So, don’t undervalue Pixie. Yeah, she brings trouble,
but it’s okay sometimes. Irritating Brutus is most probably her favorite hobby.
If appropriately socialized, cats and dogs may have relationships that are not antagonistic, and
dogs raised with cats may prefer the presence of cats to other dogs.

7# Must be a problem

Brutus is loyal, obedient, and adorable. He is more curious about every situation, around Pixie to
protect her from the dangerous facts of the world. Yeah, alright he doesn’t show his love and
care for Pixie but can you deny it? Well, Nah.

8# Frustration

Sometimes being serious, ferocious, and stern, he gets irritated by the mischievous acts of Pixie.
But his intents are always clear just like his pure heart. Intention only to protect the little Pixie
from risks. Maybe, he had considered, protecting her, his duty.

9# Now Better

Brutus is a huge, muscular, and scar-confronted dog. Brutus, from multiple points of view, is the
specific inverse of Pixie. He is a strong and threatening military dog. He has always been
obedient, loyal, and faithful to his master and Pixie.

Comic no 2

1# Found Brutus

Brutus was a little, attractive, and cuddly dog; when the owner found him. He had large
charming eyes, small sharp teeth, and sandy and blackish cuddling fur all over his body. At very
first sight, the owner fell in love with him.
The bond between pets and their owners was not always so similar to the relationships humans
have with each other. This relationship and affliction are something beyond. The dog as a pet is
always ready to protect its owner, at any cost. And the owner loved him like his child.

2# Military training

Brutus got military training while growing up. He was been preparing, to protect his owner and
yeah protecting Pixie too. So, he always served his duties best.
Animals also served people during wartime. cavalry horses, sentry dogs, carrier pigeons, and
even mascots as common historical military roles for animals. these animals not only provided
protection; they also could offer stress relief and a sense of pride to their human counterparts.

3# Big bits

It is easy to overlook the human and animal bond as a one-way street. Pets need their owners to
meet their basic needs of food, water, shelter, welfare, and yeah love too. While growing up, he
also leaned biting and hitting. These pets are versatile, intelligent, and loyal. By far, dogs are
more superior pets than any other pet.

4# Injured

Dogs are friendly, loyal house pets. They are intelligent so they can provide services to people,
such as working with police officers at airports, searching bags for explosives and illegal drugs.
Moreover, dogs can assist firefighters by sniffing out people trapped under rubble, and so do
Brutus too.
Dogs work as guards protecting families and their most valuable belongings. Many disabled
people live with trained dogs. During his military training, he learned a lot. He became more
muscular, protective, and faithful.

5# Got Scar

During training, he was injured sometimes and got scars too. But injury and healing go side by
Some dogs have such good noses that they can sniff out medical problems, but you can say
Brutus got the best one!

6# And Pixie

Brutus and Pixie have always been everyone’s favorite. When Brutus met Pixie, he was
overwhelmed for her always, but yeah never showed. As he had to maintain himself as sober and

7# Wonderful one

These comics mainly focus on the unlikely friendship between Pixie, a little, innocent, and
clumsy kitten, and a huge scar-faced retired military dog Brutus. You will always see them
making a marvelous pair. One always brought little trouble and the other peace.

8# Developing relations

Most cats flee from a dog, while others take actions such as hissing, arching their backs, and
swiping at the dog. But Pixie and Brutus developed a caring and loving relationship.

Comic no 3

1# Ventures

In these comics, you can see the introduction of a charming little kitten to a big ferocious
military dog.
These are our lovely Pixie and Brutus. Pixie once asked Brutus, what does a cat have that no
other animal has? And then replied herself as “Kittens.” She never leaves even a single small
chance of frustrating Brutus.

2# Clever pixie

Pixie has always been clever, mischievous, entertaining, and clumsy. She used to say that my
name is Pixie and it always sounds like pickles. So, now you can see her in the pickle jar.

3# Excited

She is always excited about the odds of the world. Getting oneself into a pickle jar isn’t that easy.
You must need a brain like Pixie to do that.

4# Sigh

Jumping, sniffing, eating, rolling, and lounging are usually the activities of dogs. And their
enjoyment is endless. But Brutus always had responsibilities of his little friend and his owner as
well. And so Brutus is pretty smart.

5# Dill Pixie

The sense of smell of dogs is at least 40x better than ours, so had Brutus. He can sniff at the
same time as breathing. He’s always been protective, loving, obedient, and faithful. But Pixie
brings trouble every time, but as usual, Brutus handles it patiently and calmly .

The End.