3 New Comics of Pixie And Brutus will makes your mood better


It’s been a while, but Pixie and Brutus, everyone’s favourite comic duo, are back with a slew of new wacky stories. People can’t seem to get enough of author Ben Hecomics. d’s Since we last featured his comics in May, he has amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers.

Ben previously stated in previous interviews that Pixie and Brutus were originally just a crazy comic idea he had at work, and that he had no plans to turn it into a series. We’re glad he did it, though! Actually, we aren’t the only ones who are ecstatic; some of the duo’s fans can’t get enough of the comics and have even started making their own!See what Pixie and Brutus have been up to in the gallery below, and don’t forget to check out all of the pair’s previous comics.

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HERE are 3 new comics of pixie and brutus.. A big bird and pixie full story is here.. Enjoy

Comic No #1

Comic No #2

In two previous interviews with Bored Panda, the artist discussed his work, his inspiration for the cartoon, as well as his future dreams, aspirations, and ambitions.

Pixie is a sweet, cheerful, and active kitten. “She is innocent, and yet somewhat oblivious to the serious, dangerous stuff around her,” the artist Ben told Bored Panda during one of the interviews.

Brutus, on the other hand, is a tall German Shepherd with a scarred muzzle. He was adopted by Pixie’s owner after retiring as a Working Dog (MWD). In several ways, Brutus is the polar opposite of Pixie. He’s seen a lot of things. He’s a strict and intimidating dog, but he recognises Pixie’s soft spot and is doing everything he can to protect her from the harsh realities of life.

Comic No #3

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