30 Funny Bizarro Comics That Will Make Your Day Special

Since its debut in 1985, Dan Piraro’s one-panel comic Bizarro has appeared in over 360 newspapers and magazines. Piraro, a traditional cartoonist, has transitioned to internet comics, an entirely new field where the competition is fierce and most creators struggle to support themselves via their work. Cartoonist Piraro is quite active and tries to create a new comic strip every day of the year. He wants you to laugh and think at the same time as he describes the silliness and meaninglessness of contemporary life.

He lives someplace in Mexico with his beloved wife (whom he refers to as his “Olive Oil”). His jewels on one panel, according to his biography, are “a unique blend of bizarre imagery, social commentary, and smart wordplay.” Dan Piraro would be the offspring of Salvador Dali, Harry Trudeau, and Oscar Wilde if they had an illegitimate kid. Despite the fact that he has created thousands of cartoons on a wide range of subjects, this list is only about treatment.

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Piraro’s “hidden symbols” are frequently included in his comics, and the number that he added is listed directly above his signature. Notice the eyeball (observation eyeball), piece of cake (opportunity pie), rabbit (opportunity bunny), alien on a spaceship (opportunity flying saucer), and abbreviation “K2.” Crown (Crown of Power), dynamite (Dynamite of Unforeseen Consequences), shoe (Lost bum), an arrow (Arrow of Vulnerability), fishtail (Fish of Humility), and inverted bird (referring to his children Krelspet and Krapuzar) (Upside down bird). Are you able to locate all of them? Lie down on the sofa.

The End

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