Sometimes all we need is a dose of lighthearted self-reflection sprinkled with a smidgeon of inspiration, neatly placed in our daily lives. Colorful characters coping with everyday annoyances and praising the unexpected details worth celebrating are pretty much all that’s required in one. A wolf group, a middle-aged deer, and even a possum appear in the Awoo comics by AC Stuart, who also goes by Andy.

As you learn the strangest things about Andy and his ethos, you can vote for your favourite comic strip.

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Andy was born in Columbus, Ohio, and attended Columbus College of Art and Design for a short period before deciding to pursue a career as a cartoonist full-time. “I began my career as an illustrator/writer for CollegeHumor in Manhattan, but now days I just juggle a variety of unrelated gigs that each make enough money to keep me afloat. I’m still waiting for my ‘Strange Planet’ level lightning in a bottle so I can go to the mountains and never communicate with anyone.”


“Kevin and Pink Wolf, the de facto leaders of the wolf pack, are stark opposites,” Andy explained about his characters. Regardless, they’re best friends, two peas in a pod, birds of a feather, two spirits interwoven, soul mates, and the most important thing in each other’s lives. That is to say, they adore each other, which can be a great pain when they have completely different approaches to coping with the challenges of being wolves on a daily basis.Whether it’s attempting to hunt down and eat Doug the Middle Aged Deer, or attempting to build technology out of twigs and rocks to compete with humans, their yin-yang, optimism-vs-pessimism, gruff-vs-sweet dynamic transforms every situation into a tug of war.”



“The soul of Awoo is love, acceptance, and goofiness,” said the artist, who is infatuated with peaceful construction co-op games like Minecraft and Satisfactory. Whether it’s dealing with Tim the Nihilist Wolf’s insistence that the void will consume us all, asking Jeremy the half-man/half-wolf how it’s like living with humans, or fleeing Toby the Possum (You mustn’t say his name! ), optimism always triumphs over cynicism, usually thanks to Kevin’s unwavering good nature.”Andy also claims to have the world’s greatest regret collection, yet as you can see from his comics, he exudes positivism and effortlessly inspires others.



Andy also named a few artists that make him giggle and for whom he has an artistic infatuation. “Shen, because he’s incredible.” The Red Dot is kicking ass with Kim Winder-Thais. Zach Stafford creates the internet’s most consistently amusing humour comic, and Deogie is everything I aspire to be in the wholesome comic space—just a truly outstanding content producer. There are a million more creators I adore, and I can’t possibly mention them all, but those are the first that came to mind.”














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