4 Hilarious Comics Explaining Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs


It’s the age-old cat vs. dog issue, which both sides are equally passionate about and can never truly be resolved. Or can it? Pet Foolery, the creator of Pixie and Brutus, has chimed in on the debate with a new humorous comic that cites all the reasons why “cats are superior to dogs.”

As you will see shortly, this comics may be little prejudiced. Nonetheless, there are some compelling reasons to believe that the attractive cats are smarter, cleaner, and better at looking for themselves in the fight of the pets. These are undeniable facts that no dog can dispute.

Given their naturally clashing temperaments, the desire to identify oneself a “cat person” or a “dog person” is reasonable. Dogs are more gregarious and lively, whereas cats prefer independence; a cat’s attention must be earned, whereas a dog’s devotion is unconditional. Human personalities naturally go in one direction or the other, but do you really have to choose? Cats and dogs can coexist in relative peace with some careful introductions and a little luck. Why choose between the two sides when you can have both? Just read Pixie and Brutus to find what happens when two polar opposites meet and sparks fly!

Something tells us that these funny drawings are only telling half the story, and we will hear from the canine perspective soon. In the meantime, scroll down below to see what the cats think, and let us know your opinion in the comments!

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