40 Hysterical Comics Showing What Superheroes Do When They Are Not Out Saving The World


People who don’t read comic books or only watch superhero movies have no idea what these heroes do when they aren’t saving the world. Don’t get me wrong: if we witnessed Batman struggling to maintain his character and go about his regular life, it wouldn’t be a very exciting movie. These heroes, on the other hand, are not like us. How many of us can claim to have created an entire character out of our fear or to be from another planet?

As a result, their daily difficulties are unlikely to be as common as those of ordinary people. And that is the concept of these comics, which were created by an artist named Lucas Nascimento. He not only manages to capture each hero’s own personality, but he also draws them in his own stunning style. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a crazy journey. Take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

1 Honestly, This is something that Superman would definitely do

2 A billionaire versus a student is not fair.

3 Is that thor in the background?

4 Doctor Strange wanted to see a whole new world.

5 Superman could break down that door easily but he is way too nice.

6 Everyone needs a deep tissue massage once in a while.

7 That is some outside of the box thinking.

8 Why would Wonder Woman even need makeup? She is greek mythology incarnate.

9 Superman really needs that phone booth to change.

10 Lex Luther is really taking his villainy to another level.

11 Why am I not surprised to see Deadpool there?

12 There was a spider and ant in Hulk’s spaghetti

13 Who is this bulletproof knitting for?

14 This is exactly what would happen.

15 If only this war could have been so harmless.