5 New Hilariously Adorable Comics About Pixie And Brutus To Instantly Make Your Day


All began as yet another wild comic concept. A cat and a dog and an unlikely bond with them.

Ben Hed, the artist, once told, “Pixie is a tiny, happy, energetic kitten.” “She’s innocent, and somewhat ignorant of the serious, dangerous things around her, too.”

On the other hand, Brutus is a tall, scar-faced German Shepherd. He was rescued as a Military Working Dog by the owner of Pixie after retirement (MWD). Brutus is the very opposite of Pixie, in several respects. He’s… seen stuff. He’s a very stern and intimidating military dog, but he’s got Pixie’s soft spot, and he does what he can to shield her from the harsh realities of the world around him.

Ben didn’t even intend to make a series of their adventures, but his fans (and almost the whole of the internet) fell so deeply in love with Pixie and Brutus, he felt it would be a sin not to.

Here, here, and here, we’ve already featured their comics, but Ben continues to broaden their universe, to come up with new stories, so we just have to keep up.

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There is no pandemic where Pixie and Brutus are living, as you can see from these strips. “In any of my comics, I’ve never really included current events,” Ben told It’s not like it’s a deliberate option, it’s simply not going to happen to me naturally. Perhaps if my comics were all about human beings and less about dogs and cats, then it would be different.


While we’re on the subject, the coronavirus outbreak also didn’t really impact the artistic work of the artist. I draw comics alone in my own home in a dark space, so I’m pretty much quarantined all day already! “Said he. “In that regard, nothing really changed.”



Fandom for Pixie and Brutus has been growing rapidly (currently Ben has over 2.5 million Instagram followers). Keeping up with demand might put pressure on others, but instead, Hed used it to drive himself: “I worry about the performance of each comic, but before I created Pixie and Brutus, I worried about that too.”