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8 Disney Princes Have Been Reimagined As Adorable Toddlers And Babies By A Russian Artist (8 Pics)


We meet a variety of fascinating creatures, beautiful kingdoms, and princesses in Disney’s enchanting worlds… How many of us, on the other hand, take a moment to consider the Princes who are also prominent in the stories in which they play a significant role?

Oksana Pashchenko, a Russian artist, creates a completely new world in which princes aren’t forgotten as they take on the duties of fathers to their children. The Disney Princes are depicted in Oksana’s paintings enjoying time with their beloved offspring, and the result is very adorable, if we do say so ourselves.

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Prince Henry

A small copy of her mom.”

Oksana is a huge Disney enthusiast, as seen by the fact that the majority of her artwork is based on the franchise’s princesses and villains. Given all of this, it was only fair that the artist show his appreciation for the princesses’ husbands, whom we all know and love. As a result, Pashchenko reinvented the princes as dads of their children! That’s right—you’d be astounded by some of these Disney parents’ parenting skills!

#2 Prince Adam

“Prince Adam reads to the baby. She loves books just like her mom.”

#3 Hercules

“Hercules with his daughter. I think she should be as pretty as her mom.”

The artist made a wonderful job depicting what type of fathers the princes would be, since they even participate in their children’s interests, and some of the fathers even mimic their cherished children’s actions. True, most Disney princesses grew up without nice fathers, but they all ended up with happily ever afters, so it’s only natural that their husbands would be present figures in their children’s life.

#4 Prince Phillip

“This is what happened when Sleeping Beauty asked her prince to sit with their daughter while she left on some business.”

#5 Prince Charming

Prince Charming (Ferdinand/Florian) makes a pie with his daughter.”

Taking all of this into account, we are confident that these new fathers will make excellent fathers in the future! Even now, these guys are all amazing fathers, but don’t forget that they will (hopefully) be raising some of our new favorite incoming Disney Princesses, so congrats to THEM ALL!

#6 Aladdin

“Aladdin tells son about his youthful adventures, flying on a carpet over the markets of Agraba.”

#7 Prince Eric

Prince Eric is the next daddy-sitter. Of course, Melody’s favorite pastime is bathing.

So, Pandas, which Disney Prince do you think would be the best father and why? It can be fully your own opinion or simply an opinion based on all of Oksana’s amazing illustrations! Please tell us which image was your favorite! And, if you get the chance, tell your dads about some of your favorite memories.

#8 Prince Li Shang

Mulan and Shang’s son is definitely a little fighter.

The End.