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If you have chosen to adopt one of the dogs housed and rescued by Shelter la Esperanza or Huellas de Vida, but you are not sure which one is the most fitting, we will support and advise you to select the animal that best fits your lifestyle, your home, and your needs in a selfless way.

You should not only let yourself be swept away by aesthetics when selecting a new pet. On the other hand, the activities and schedules of the family unit, the time you have to dedicate to the animal, the experience … should also be taken into account.

It is likely that your new pet will have trouble adapting to its new environment or behavioral problems after adoption, such as not remembering to relieve themselves where they should, not knowing how to walk on a leash, causing harm when left alone at home…

For this, you will be given advice to create behavioral standards and change unwanted habits in a disinterested manner as well. If you think you are prepared for this great duty that adoption requires, go ahead and accept a friend so trustworthy and faithful that he will never disappoint you. You’re not going to regret it.

He finds several ways of spending time as a person grows old. This story is about an old woman who took a big dog, a little old lady who could ride him around.

In my neighborhood, there’s an elderly lady walking her two Great Danes all the time. I know this little older lady who always gets great Danes. They’re almost as big as her, but they’re just huge silly sweethearts.

Credit Instagram @stutterhug