Artist Beautifully Illustrates This Monster Story That’s Been Making People Emotional For Years


Only a few items on the internet last indefinitely. And one particular writing prompt from 2017 has remained popular for quite some time.

“#Case: 273402” is the title of the case. The tale was written by Kitten Wiskers, better known as Mindy these days, and titled “Status: Disastrous.” It follows Charlotte Dower, a young girl who is no longer afraid of the monsters that lurk underneath her bed. It soon becomes clear that she is dealing with a much worse creature in her life.

Many people have been captivated by the storey, which has now been made into an amazing comic strip thanks to Russian artist Natalya Sorokina. Natalya, who goes by the moniker jwitless, said she was nervous because it was her “first coloured comics ever.” Let’s take a look at the lovely illustrations below, and prepare for the chilling storey to strike you like a tonne of bricks.

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This story originally posted by Kitten Wiskers has been viral for the past three years

Image credits: kittenwiskers

The storey has been one of the most widely circulated on the internet, and it has sparked a slew of fan art, including films. In 2018, the short horror film “Charlotte and the Monster,” based on Kitten Wiskers’ tale, was announced.

Since its publication, the storey has been circulated so widely on social media that pinpointing the exact date it was published has become difficult. It is said to have started as a writing prompt on a Tumblr blog devoted to stories, poems, and witty comments and additions from the Tumblr community.

And Russian artist Natalya Sorokina decided to illustrate it in this comic strip

the 25-year-old Moscow-based artist, to learn more about her passion for drawing. Natalya works as an illustrator for a number of design firms and even takes on assignments for people’s personal projects. “Because I like to switch styles and themes, my Instagram gallery can appear to be overly diverse—from sultry portraits to adorable children’s comics.”

Natalya enjoys “drawing beautiful characters, fantasy creatures, and telling meaningful stories that tug at the heartstrings of human souls,” according to her. When she was younger, she mainly drew horses: “I made hundreds of comics with horses in notebooks, where my mother assisted me in writing down characters.” Natalya later discovered her love for creatures she had never seen in person.

Image credits: JWITLESS ART

The monster storey moved her deeply,” the illustrator said. “The storyline is short, quick, and brilliant,” says the author. She was inspired by the monster storey to explain the storey before adding any specifics or making any script adjustments. “I was anxious because I was afraid I hadn’t done my best and that people wouldn’t like it. For months, I couldn’t make up my mind whether or not to publish the first chapter,” Natalya admitted.

Natalya enjoys visiting art galleries and experimenting with various designs and techniques when it comes to finding inspiration. “It also comes from my heart at times. When I’m worried about something, art helps me to feel better.” It’s what she refers to as a “free therapy session.”