Artist Create Depicts Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend In 22 Illustrations Comics


It takes a lot more than holding hands, going places together, and posting nice images of each other on Instagram to be in love with someone. Being truly in love entails worrying when your partner takes a long time to get home, sitting close and listening to your partner’s fears when he or she has a bad day, and caring for your mate when he or she becomes unwell, among other things. It’s as simple as loving your mate without conditions and being there for them without asking anything in return.

When we’re in a relationship, especially at the start, it seems like nothing else matters more than that person, and we’d go to any length to make him or her happy. This sensation may diminish with time, but true love will endure. And that’s exactly what cartoonist Luong Thuy’s lovely pictures demonstrate. “Everyday living with my boyfriend is my source of inspiration.” When asked how she was motivated to produce these artistic ideas, the artist told Bored Panda, “The stories I illustrate are also stories about myself.”

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Luong Thuy, also known as beisme08 on Instagram, utilizes her charming drawings to show her daily life and adorable moments with her lover that make people smile. “These love drawings are based on my daily interactions with my lover. I always strive to draw with the most basic material possible so that everyone viewing it may grasp the story “- stated the artist when asked about the inspiration for her illustrations. These cute and amusing couple illustrations wonderfully depict the relationship aspirations that we all aspire to!



The artist claims that she began creating her illustrations approximately 6 months ago, and what’s even more astounding is that she already has over 50k Instagram followers who adore her work. Because she has to balance classwork and working at a company, it normally takes her 2-3 days or more to finish one illustration.



Luong Thuy likes to depict girls who are genuine to themselves and express their actual feelings, even when they are sad. She isn’t hesitant to draw body shapes that other artists would shy away from, as well as girls with vibrant hair. “I have tried to sketch a number of styles before,” the artist replied when asked about her drawing style. Later on, however, I preferred the simpler styles. I constantly attempt to sketch in such a way that everyone looking at me can comprehend what I’m trying to say.”



“I want to reflect the pleasant experiences I have with my lover through the drawings I create,” she says. When people view my paintings, I also want them to feel cheerful and hopeful. Occasionally, a few of my followers phone me to tell me about their love lives or to confide in me about their issues. I am not always able to provide sound advise, but I am always happy to share my personal experiences with others in order to help them feel better. It also makes me glad to know that I have aided them in some way. “Life is so much better when there is love in it,” the artist stated. We have to admit that these images make us believe in the existence of true love!