Artist Creates Fun Comics That Illustrate Familiar Life Situations (50 Pics)


People of all ages enjoy fun comics, which are a terrific way to pass the time. The secret to their success is their capacity to help people relate to their material, as cartoons frequently depict real-life situations that have occurred to many people.

Jauneil Arvin Ma-ao, popularly known as the East’s Idiot, is a Filipino cartoonist that makes a variety of amusing and relatable drawings. He turns everyday occurrences into hilarious illustrations that thrill his over 15,000 Instagram followers.We’re delighted to show you his work, pandas. Hopefully, you’ll find these comics to be exactly what you’re looking for right now. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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We were interested to learn more about Jauneil’s creative process and the artist himself because this is the first article including comics from the “Idiot of the East.”

The legend of the “Easter Idiot” dates back only a few years. Jauneil had intended to finish his engineering studies, find work, and save money so that he could pursue his genuine passion of creating webcomics. Life, however, took an unexpected turn when the pandemic struck. Jauneil’s classes were canceled in his fourth year of college, leaving him with a lot of spare time. The artist bought a drawing tablet, made some drawings, posted them on the internet, some people loved it and that’s how his journey as a webcomic artist started. Guessing we should thank the pandemic that we are able to enjoy Jauneil’s comics now.




The first thing that drew our attention was the choice of the name for Jauneil’s comics – “Idiot of the east.” The artist shared that when he was trying to figure out a name, he thought that if someone wanted to insult him, it would have no weight because it’s already in his name. Smart! The east part is, of course, coming from the place he’s from (the Philippines). “In the end, I thought it was also catchy so I stuck with it,” the artist added.






If you liked “Idiot of the east” comics, check out Jauneil’s Instagram for more fun content! You can also support the artist by subscribing to his Patreon where he shares his usual works and more! Don’t forget to share your opinions with us! Did you choose your favorite comic yet?