Artist Creates Fun Comics With Unpredictable Endings That Poke Fun At Our Society (30 New Pics)


Ryan Kramer, nicknamed “Toonhole Ryan,” is a cartoonist and comic artist who describes himself as “just a man trying to enjoy life while not gaining too much weight.” He creates amusing illustrations that showcase absurd, unexpected, and occasionally dark scenarios and can make you laugh.

Since 2010, the artist has been self-publishing funny comics and animation on the internet, and he co-runs a website called “Toonhole” with three friends, where he publishes new cartoons on a weekly basis. Aside from that, the artist is a director for Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes.

Ryan told Bored Panda that he enjoys making cartoons but that the process takes too long. “Comics allow you to tell a joke or a tale in a shorter amount of time. I began making them with my friends, and we were ecstatic to be able to make each other laugh. I really appreciate the process of attempting to capture a hilarious idea and all of the steps involved in turning it into a comic.”

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Ryan revealed that he began his career as a comic artist in high school, when he used to poke fun of his peers by drawing comics. When you combine it with his love of cartoons, you have a cartoonist on your hands!

Ryan met John, Chris, and Mike in college, and they all shared a fondness for old cartoons and similar artistic styles. The buddies formed Toonhole, a group of cartoonists and professional animators who “crudely draw really really realllyy idiotic crap in their spare time,” according to their description.



When it comes to creative labor, artists experience some difficulties from time to time. Finding a joke/idea worth capturing is the most difficult element of the creative process for Ryan. “Finding it and translating it from your imagination to paper” is, however, “very fulfilling.” The artist’s second most fulfilling experience is holding the completed piece (if done traditionally). “It’s also satisfying if it gets viral and people like it,” Ryan added.