Artist creates new 16 comics that hopefully will change the perspective on alligators


What is your perspective on the alligators? Have you ever thought about alligators? Well, most people think that they are dangerous creatures, but that’s not very true. In this comic, you will get to know about the alligators, that how good they are. We have bought some amazing comics and memes for you about the alligators. Everybody seems to enjoy the memes, as they are humorous images that are created by a little variation in the actual object. Memes can make you feel happy, they can take your anxiety and depression away. We know that you all love the visual content. So, we have bought a visual outlook for you about alligators.

Comics are always been a good source of content. Almost everybody loves to read and write comics. Comics speak with the ones who tend to understand. They are also a great source of understanding for the students. It shows sarcasm and symbolism. So, we have bought these incredible illustrations of alligators and their friends for you. Alligators are sometimes considered as the largest reptiles, who continue to grow throughout their life. As you can see besides swimming, they can also crawl, walk, and run on the ground.

The main character of this comic is an alligator. His name is Gator, and he is an amazing and good associate. He is friendly with all the animals in the jungle. You can see his behavior with elephants, turtles, pandas, ice bears, giraffes, cows, and many more animals. Sometimes, he plays with rabbits and sometimes he cooks food for his little friends. He also gives a ride to little fascinating turtles to the school. He also helps the little panda and ice bear. we all need a friend like Gator in our lives. We hope that you will enjoy these comics.

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1# Smart race

In this comic, the artist has mended the old story of the rabbit and turtle race into an epic meme. In the classic rabbit and turtle race story, the turtle won because the rabbit fell asleep in smugness. But in this comic, the turtle won the race because his little turtle fellows have captured him. But the Gator is worried about the rabbit, because of his caring nature.

You might be a rabbit fan. As rabbits are proved to be great fluffy and affectionate friends, particularly when they have complete freedom to live on their personalities. Rabbits sometimes flick and jump all around to express their cheerfulness. They can jump to striking distances and heights. They have furry big ears. It is no surprise that they are known as the quietest pets. But compared to them the turtles are fascinating but considered the most complex, deskbound, and inactive creatures.

2# Duty underwater

Now the Gator is swimming peacefully in the ocean with his friend. But in the meantime, they see the spike of a shark. His friend got scared after seeing the shark underwater. But Gator has told him not to worry about that. The shark is his old friend. His name is Ben, and he is so humble. Today, he is on his duty to clear the water. Gator has a lot of friends there.

3# Pancake blanket

Female alligators are very dedicated and keen moms. They have a motherhood spirit and a kind heart. They play an important role in maintaining the natural habitat. Usually, they create small ponds to live in, we call these ponds most precisely alligator holes. Other animals live in these holes or ponds to survive in severely dry seasons. As predators are used to eating mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. They also feed on fruits such as grapes and citrus fruits.

In this comic, Gator is taking care of his very young friend in the cold. He is baking a pancake for his little friend so that he can sleep calmly in the severely dry and cold weather.

4# Flying day

Gator has numerous friends. He has terrestrial, semi-terrestrial, aquatic, semi-aquatic, and many more friends. In this illustration, you can see his two friends, Ben and Jack. He used to play with them, and currently, he is flying the kit, which means his friend Jack. And the shark is too contented to see him playing with Jack.

5# Elephant rainbow

Gator takes care of everybody. But sometimes, he feels so down to carry on with his life. One of his Elephant friends was passes nearby, he saw that the Gator was sitting on the grass in sorrow. He asked him his problem and showed him a rainbow to make him happy. He told the Gator that the rainbows have very positive energies to relax and heal a broken heart. These are the universal symbol of love and peace.

The Elephant said that everybody needs a rainbow in their life. And I am your friend, so I bought a rainbow for you.

6# Let it go

We all love pandas. It is no surprise that they have millions of fans throughout the world. The pandas are the cutest creatures and are usually black and white bears with lovely and charming eyes. Besides their cuteness, the pandas are too lazy. They do only two works as eat and sleep, the entire day. In this comic, there is another friend of Gator. This time it is Panda. The Panda is sobbing as it has lost its little beautiful balloon, but Gator is consoling him with life lessons.

7# Encouraging Gator

Gator also encourages others, whether it is his friend or a stranger. He motivates others to believe in themselves and show their good abilities to others.

8# The fire engine

In this illustration, the artist has presented an event as Animal got talent. And Gator is encouraging a cow to show her talent to the world. Cows are amazing creatures. They supply milk to about ninety percent of the world. They are so humble and have great senses too. Gator has friendly relations with everyone in the forest.

9# Caring Gator

Gator has also a little tiger friend. In this illustration, the artist has shown the lovely bonding of Gator with a baby tiger. Gator took care of him in the rainy weather, and in turn, the tiger has given him ultimate love.

10# Giraffe painter

Giraffes are the kind, lovely and tallest mammals on this planet. Their legs alone are much taller than an ordinary human, but they have small necks. So, they spend most of their life standing on the ground.

In this illustration, the Giraffe is presented as Gator’s friend. Gator is encouraging him to show his talent to the world as a marvelous painter.

11# Every time caregiver

Gator always tries to fulfill every need of his friends. He gets more than happy to help them out.

12# Everything will be okay

Gator loves to make everyone happy around him. So, he helps everyone.

13# Late from the class

In this illustration, you can see some young friends of Gator. Gator loves them all. Turtles are so loving and fantastic creatures. They can be found everywhere in the world. They are habituated to live in many different climates. But all of them need water to swim or soak.

14# Rope jumping

Gator also has a snake friend with him. Alligators are marvelous creatures, but they are a bit risky too. They have numerous big teeth for their defense. Alligators are vocal reptiles, they use different calls to threaten the competitors, signal distress, and declare their kingdom. They have an enormously powerful bite, so it’s better not to get bitten by them.

15# Granted wish from Jinne

In this comic, Gator has made a wish to Jinne. He wished to be a positive and loving character of a comic with his friends. The comic is used to express ideas with metaphors and pictures. They fall in the category of visual content, that everybody likes. So, Gator is much excited to be a part of a comic.

16# Whale trouble

In this comic, the artist has illustrated some other friends of Gator. These are small fishes, sharks, and a big Whale. Whales are considered the largest creature in the world. Sometimes, whales swim to the surface of the water to breathe air, as you can see in the illustration. Probably, they breathe like us.

The End.

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