Artist Draw Disney Animals As Humans With Their Unique Personalities


These are my, if they were human, impressions of certain Disney animals. I have always wondered what these Disney characters would look like if they were real, and I have admired others’ portrayals of this notion of personification. But I found that in most of these versions, the funny animals lacked character consistency, making them not quite as compelling and lovable.

I wanted to do my animal drawings in the styles of their films and retain simple vocabulary and characteristics of form to interpret the famous characters more thoroughly and credibly. I enjoyed drawing these movie stars from Disney, and I hope they like you!

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Lady And The Tramp



This is my interpretation, if they were human, of the Duchess and Thomas O’Malley!

I guess this one was harder, because O’Malley’s a bulky character like that, in the face and in the build, so he’s a kind of funny-looking man. And it was hard for Duchess to maintain the look of the 1900-1910s because as a 20s child, her hair would look much better, but I found a suitable hairstyle


The Lion King

This is my interpretation of Simba and Nala, if they were human!

Nala! It’s Nala! It! This! She’s my best friend! Initially, I wasn’t going to draw them because I already have a favorite version of them as human beings! But today I think, “WHY THE HECK NOT!” “Therefore, I have done so.

I aim to maintain character consistency with the facial features and colors (with a bit of inspirational flair from the musical).


Jungle Book

Bagheera and Baloo if they were human.



Mittens and Bolt if they were human.


Oliver And Company

This is my interpretation, if they were human, of Dodger, Oliver, and Rita.

The photo looked so unbalanced with only Dodger and Oliver, so I put Rita in there (because she’s one of my favorite animal characters),



Terk and Tantor if they were human.


Disney Horses

This is my interpretation of Samson, Pegasus, Frou Frou, and Khan, if they were humans! I just chose a few of my favorite horses, and maybe I’ll do a few more. He’s always laughing at how Frou Frou is basically the only female Disney horse.