Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Marvel Characters Got Old, And Thor Is Too Adorable


Even though time is flying by, everyone around us is becoming older. Isn’t it unusual to see this natural ageing process shown in cartoons or comic books? Have you ever imagined or pondered what these well-known cartoon and comic characters will look like as they age? Meet Lesya Guseva is a Russian artist located in Perm who has made it possible for us to picture how these characters might age like any other mortal person. This artist developed a series of images called “Pensioners” in which she depicted some of our favourite Marvel, DC, and Disney characters as they grew older and went about their daily lives. This work of art is incredible.Have you ever envisioned Thor building a small birdhouse for his grandson, Spider-Man knitting with his wife, or Mickey Mouse and his wife Mickey enjoying their 90th birthdays at Disneyland?

So scroll down to see what would they actually look like when they get old. Don’t forget to watch it till the end. We are sure that you are going to love it.

1. Presenting you old Thor trying to build a birdhouse for his grandson

Photo Credit: Lesya Guseva

2. Well this one is hilarious, flash running away from injection on a wheelchair

3. Catwoman, look at her teeth

4. Superwoman and Wonder Woman wondering how do they got soo old

5. Meet the Harley Quinn with her granddaughter probably

6. Joker, take a look at his underwear

7. Meet deadpool, well if you are wondering what’s written on the poster, it says “Tony Crapner”

8. I was wondering about Ariel how would she look old

9. Meet the older version of batman

10. Spider-Man helping his wife knit

11. Meet Snow White and Captain America

12. Genie and Doctor Strange, doctor strange look pissed while playing chess

13. Guess who? Yeah you guessed it right Tony Stark

14. Mickey and Minnie, they are adorable

15. Superman, Pocahontas And Meeko

These illustrations are absolutely fantastic. The attention to detail is exceptional, and the results are pretty amusing. Lesya is a fantastic artist, and I’m curious as to how much time she devotes to her work. We never envisaged how superheroes might look in their later years. We now have confirmation that they will be just like this. Flash’s drawing was pretty amusing; he was fleeing from the nurse because he was scared of shots. Joker was dressed in underwear with a bat on it. This work of art is far too magnificent to be overlooked. This artist deserves a standing ovation. We all require great artists with the same level of imagination as her.In the comments section below, tell us what you think about this piece of art. Which one did you prefer? Remember to like and share. Keep an eye out for more entertaining material. Thank you very much!