Artist Imagines How Disney Characters Would Look As Oil Paintings, And You’ll Want To Hang Them In Your Room


Without a doubt, you’ve seen a plethora of artists share their own interpretations of Disney characters. Even yet, we’ve discovered another another jewel, probably the most beautiful of them all.

Some viewers have compared American artist Heather Theurer’s Disney-inspired oil paintings to Renaissance art, but the artist herself claims the style is more reminiscent to the Pre-Raphaelites of the late 19th century.

Theurer claims that her goal is to transcend the conventional and go beyond and down the rabbit hole in quest of fresh meaning, rather than re-creating what has previously been done by other artists or Disney itself.

When making her stunning paintings, Theurer aimed to capture and transmit more than just physical resemblances to the cartoon characters, instead focused on capturing and conveying their difficulties, optimism, and pride – qualities that aren’t readily apparent to the human eye.

All of that attention to detail paid off, as you can see by scrolling down below!

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#1 Lilo & Stitch

#2 Mulan

#3 Merida

#4 Elsa, Anna And Olaf

#5 Tiana

#6 Dumbo

#7 Alice

#8 Belle

#9 Ariel

#10 Rapunzel

#11 Cinderella

#12 Peter Pan And Wendy

#13 Mr. Toad

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