Artist Jenny Jinya Who Made People Cry With Her Comics Just Released A New One With Swan


Jenny Jinya, freelance illustrator and comic artist, has amassed quite a following. She has 163K followers on Facebook and 203K on Instagram alone, and the ideal reasons for her Good Boy and Black Cat strips are. Jenny not only creates compelling characters and interesting narratives, but her sad stories also highlight serious problems faced in today’s world by both domesticated and wild animals. Abandonment is. Destruction of habitats and pollution. These are just a few issues that the artist has already addressed.

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Sometimes I have to draw comics to cope with things. I read about this a while ago and it still breaks my heart. The only message I have here is don’t be cruel.
They really smashed her eggs with bricks… how can people do that? jenny write in this comic.


Here’s what people said about Jenny’s comic on INSTAGRAM

Jenny Hefczyc didn’t know if she could change the world with her art, but she knew she wanted to try.

As a talented illustrator and artist based in Germany, she draws under the name Jenny-Jinya, and she’s taken social media by storm with a series of comics she’s created that focus on animal welfare. She covers everything from pet abandonment to animal abuse and habitat destruction.

At an early age, Hefczyc showed an interest in drawing. She says her mother tells her that she would start “obsessively scribbling” before she could even properly walk.

“Honestly, I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t drawing,” she says. “As a quiet, introverted child, art was my way of connecting to the world.”

As she got older, she continued to draw and illustrate. When she started her Facebook page in 2012, she shared drawings and comics of her everyday life and one-off creations showcasing her artistic talent.

She continued to draw more and although some of her work was picked up by outlets, it wasn’t until one piece went viral in October last year that she realised she could perhaps be a champion for change after all.

“I basically woke up to a lot of sudden attention. I uploaded this one-page comic strip one day and it went viral overnight. I got dozens of messages and comments asking for a continuation of the comic,” she says.

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