Artist Keeps Illustrating Everyday Life With His Wife, And Now We Get To See Their Baby Daughter (38 Pics)


Parenting is difficult enough, but becoming a newly-minted mother and father is an entirely different experience. You find yourself nodding off in unexpected ways, your shirt is stained with unknown liquids, aka baby ate breakfast, and quality time for yourself is a pipe dream.

And who better to depict such oddities than the artist who has spent years recording his life with his wife? The internet’s favourite couple Yehuda and Maya are back with the funniest parenting drawings, thanks to a solid portfolio of family comics (check it out here, here, and here).

The new comics, which are both painfully relatable and ferociously funny, will strike close to home.

After that, click here to see some funny cartoons depicting how they dealt with Maya’s pregnancy.

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In the ongoing comic series “One of Those Days,” Tel Aviv-based illustrator Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya Devir have been sharing their loving adventures with their fans. Exaggerated and very relatable scenes from their lives are included in the series.After being picked up by Bored Panda in 2017, Yehuda’s comics became an internet sensation with a devoted following and 5.4 million Instagram followers. The couple was recently honoured at the Inflow Global Summit 2019 Awards in Istanbul with the Most Creative Content Maker award.




It turns out that the newlywed parents are just as ecstatic as they’ve always been! They told us, “We’re having a whole new set of emotions and thoughts we didn’t realise existed.” The journey uncovered new aspects of their personalities, not all of which are optimistic. “We have a lot of disagreements as well,” the couple admitted, “but we learn from them.”

Yehuda and Maya had no choice but to shift their priorities after the baby was born: “There is no longer a couple, no longer a team at work… only Ariel.” In reality, the couple now works in shifts and follows a different routine. “It’s a new life for us, and we’re adjusting. But not in a negative sense. This experience will mould us into a fresh and improved version of ourselves.”




The only difficult aspect of becoming a new parent is finding time for yourself. “We never go to bed at the same time,” says one of them. They now do a lot of multimedia lectures from home because of the coronavirus, and they strive to combine work and family life under one roof.“Switching from our parenting warm personality to our company is very difficult because both of us need to be involved in the lecture.

When Ariel is older, Yehuda and Maya hope that she can “see all the work that mommy and daddy have done for her and appreciate it.” We sincerely hope…”





























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