Artist Loves To Draw Anything That Is Fantasy (20 Pics)


As children, we were exposed to a plethora of cartoon shows. The majority of them are still vivid in our minds. For us, they are a hero. However, as time passed, things changed and we moved closer to a working life. But we can’t deny that those cartoon characters helped us remember our childhood.

However, the fantasy cartoon series of adventures left a lasting impression on us. Every kid, including myself, enjoys watching adventures. We used to enjoy animated films. The best way to explain our childhood is to say that we really lived those moments, which is why we can never forget the special time.

Bob Kehl is a fantasy illustrator who is best known for his work. He resides in the state of Florida. Bob enjoys drawing something that is fantastical. That is why he is special. With the passing of time, Bob developed an interest in pirates, seas, dwarves, and other similar subjects. That was the driving force behind his decision to enter this profession.

Bob creates fantastic paintings, most of which depict pirates. This isn’t the end of it. To add to the uniqueness of his drawings, he includes personal details about all of the characters he makes in the captions of his Instagram stories. His innovative ideas are well-received.

We’ve compiled a list of some of his most famous articles from around the world. Scroll down to see some of his most well-liked works. Don’t forget to let us know who your favourite character is in the comments.

Bob works as an independent illustrator. He’s worked in this sector for the past 12 years. The majority of his work is for personal commissions or book covers that he illustrates himself. He has an Instagram account where he shares all of his work. He’s amassed a total of 38K Instagram followers. The figures are always adding up.