Artist Modernizes Disney Characters By Placing Them In All Sorts Of Interesting Scenarios (30 Pics)


While some people are outright anti-Disney, the most of us love a good Disney theme now and then. There are also a large number of Disney lovers who adore everything about it. Today’s post was written specifically for the latter group. Have you ever imagined what it might be like if Disney characters appeared in unexpected places? Or if they went about their business as usual in the modern world? On Instagram, one artist known as OneFairyFail meets all of these desires for Disney aficionados, putting them in all kinds of strange situations. It gives a glimpse of how people would react and behave in various settings, and it perfectly satisfies such “what if” curiosity.

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More info: Instagram

The artist granted Bored Panda an exclusive interview.


“They’re mostly inspired by something I saw on TV/in a movie/on the internet, occasionally by things that have happened to me personally, and sometimes they’re just odd ideas that I want to create,” says the artist.


“When I have an idea for a FairyFAIL, I typically already have the image I want to make in my brain, and it’s usually for specific characters, so I go out and find frames from that specific movie that would work best for my creation and start compositing them in Photoshop. Because the characters require certain modifications and alterations (such as facial expressions/hair/etc. ), many of my FairyFAILS are also paired with some art on Procreate.”


“My favorite part is seeing my FairyFAILs “come to life” as I imagined them in my imagination, and I frequently find myself giggling as I make them – which, I suppose, fulfills the entire purpose, because it indicates I actually enjoy producing them, hehe. My least favorite part is looking for frames from movies and not finding anything that fits my idea, or when a FairyFAIL doesn’t turn out like the image I had in mind for it… that’s when it gets the most frustrating to me as an artist, not just with my FairyFAILS, but with all of my artwork.”



“I already have a page of artworks (@omerika) that are quite sad and whimsical, so I wanted to give my lighter humoristic side more space.”

Because we all know and adore Disney movies, and their characters portray this idealized, magical, and unrealistic picture, I enjoy taking them to the “other” “extreme” and making them more realistic and accessible. That, I believe, makes my creations far more amusing and engaging.


























The End.