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Artist Portrays Mystical Creatures In Their Vulnerable Form – When They Were Still Babies (30 Pics)


Traditionally, magical beings have been portrayed as tall, well-built warriors or ancient, bearded wizards. Slaying beasts or casting strong spells, after all, necessitates strength and practise. Rudy Siswanto, a Hong Kong-based illustrator, wanted to turn our preconceptions on their heads by portraying them as infants.

These guys look badass from Medusa to Minotaur and beyond, but since they’re so young, you can’t help but picture them napping in the middle of a serious search.

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#1 Medusa & Gargoyle

Siswanto, an Indonesian native, is currently employed as a splash artist at Riot Games. This series, on the other hand, is from a few years ago. “Baby Beastiary is a client project from when I worked at Caravan Studio,” says the artist.”It was for Metal Weave Games’ Kickstarter campaign. They had a concept for a baby creature RPG book, and I assisted them with the visuals.”

Siswanto was not the only one who contributed to the project. “I worked on volume 1 and 2 the most, and I assisted with art direction.”

#2 Hippogriff Foal

Since the client had a brief, they were the ones to decide which magical creatures to include in the series.

“Through this project, I’ve learned a lot about not only how to make baby versions of well-known animals, but also how to really observe [various small animal details],” she says.Siswanto said it has really helped him take his craft to the next level and make more realistic fantasy creatures in general because of their movements, how they move, and the proportions [of their bodies].

#3 Hydra Snakelet

#4 Simurgh Pup

#5 Nightmare

#6 Dragon Turtlette

#7 Medusa Daughter

#8 Phoenix

#9 Baby Minotaur

#10 Kraken Paralarvae

#11 Satyr Foal

#12 Sea Lion Pup

#13 Unicorn Foal

#14 Elder Godspawn

#15 Owlbear

#16 Centaur

#17 Myconid Sporeling

#18 Lizardfolk Whelp

#19 Tatzelwurm Kit

#20 Griffin Hatchlings

#21 Harpy Child

#22 Beithir Hatchling

#23 Cocktrice

#24 Hound Archon Pup

#25 Peryton Hinulus