By: Vieira

This time we have brought an amazing adoption story for you, that has been illustrated by Vieira. He has the potential to deliver his message to every reader or viewer without using even a single word. You may have heard the old saying that the animals are the doorway to your mystical destiny. They can penetrate your soul or your spiritual morals. Almost everyone feels and cares for the animals except for the dead hearts. We can call the love for animals unconditional because we don’t expect anything from them. Our love for them is pure of all the materialistic things.

Can you imagine a world without animals? Well, I don’t think so. Without animals, we cannot survive. We depend on them to feed, live, and survive. Our existence may be endangered without animals. So, our morals should be strong enough to give equal rights to the animals to live peacefully with us. We must realize that animals are also living creatures, and they also have emotions, feelings, and pains. we should not be too selfish to abuse them, curse them, or kick them off. Your treatment of the little poor animals reflects your true heart. But we might indifferently agree on one thing, that is the animals are more loyal to us than humans. No matter, if we are loyal to them in return, or not.

If you have a heart, you will love and care for others, no matter if they are humans or animals. Your love and behavior will demonstrate an act of kindness and concern to your generations. Indeed, you don’t need to love animals. Love and care for other creatures is a natural phenomenon, and there is no logic exists behind it. We should love the animals, because they can’t speak like us, they can’t tell us about their problems and their desires. It’s all up to us, that how we react to them. They also have emotions, feelings, and desires; but the difference is that they don’t have a language.

In this comic, an artist has shared his kitten adoption story in a heartwarming way without using even a single word. You will love this illustration because just like animals it doesn’t have any language, you only have to feel it.

1# Little innocent kitty

One day, the artist found a little kitten, laying in an old brown carton in front of his door. He already had a loyal and faithful pet dog with him. He was standing with his small dog at the footstep when he saw that little cute kitten. But he didn’t feel any desire or need to keep her as a pet. The little kitten was so overwhelmed and miserable at that moment, but he didn’t care for it. He just forgot that if animals could speak, humanity would scream.

2# Abandoned the kitty

The little kitten was continuously looking at him, with her big miserable crying eyes. The cat couldn’t speak of her needs and loneliness. She didn’t have many choices for the things she needed. But the artist didn’t pay heed to his misery and helplessness. He was spellbound with his little puppy. Undeniably, our standards of ethics and ethos define us. They define the way we behave and treat animals.

He knew that his puppy is enough for him. He never laughs at him; he never leaves him alone in the desolation. He shares his pain and distress. His little puppy tries all of his funny tricks to condole him and make him laugh. But as the artist was completely happy with his little puppy, he ignored the kitty. And passed her to the neighbor’s door.

3# Found in the trash

The artist never realized at that time that every abandoned deserves a home to live in, a chance to love and prove himself, and a warm space at night to sleep. We can’t have any self-esteem if we don’t respect and care for the animal kingdom. If we cannot love animals, there is no concept of feelings in us. We are just hollow from the inside. We can never be in touch with our true spirit and soul.

The next day, when the artist was hanging out with his puppy, he saw the cat lying in the trash. The little kitten was still in an old torn brown box. She was in wretchedness. Her big eyes were filled with tears. The artist was shocked, and he felt pity for himself for being so cruel to her. He understood that should have been sensitive with her. He should defend her. So, he made up his mind to own her.

4# Jealous pet dog

Animals have pure hearts. They don’t know about any tricks or plans to hurt or harm us. They don’t use any dreadful weapons on us. They don’t start up a war against us, even though we do. So, we should not harm them in return, we need to love them.

The artist took her inside. The little kitten was so contented. He fed the kitten with delight. He was happy too by seeing her satisfied. The artist gave her a warm and soft place for his puppy to sleep. The puppy wasn’t happy to see her in his place. But never mind.

5# Kitti’s territory

The little kitty was so happy to have a home to live in. She started loving and caring for the artist. Many of you may have already known that the cats want their territories. They follow their own rules to live. So, that little kitty did the same. She started living in the house, as her own. She started irritating and playing with the puppy. And so, the artist also fell in love with her.

6# Needs to learn manners

The animals are so natural, that they don’t fake anything, even if it’s love or hatred. The artist loved the way, how the little kitten is all mischievous and naughty. She always jumped every time she sees any food. But he loved his little puppy too as his beloved family. he loved the way his puppy take care of him and love him. He is so loyal and protective that whenever another dog passes by his home, he barked at him. His voice makes the day of the artist perfect. But as the little kitten was a kind of a loner, she needed the training to live peacefully with good manners.

7# Owns every place

The puppy was well trained and well-mannered. He lived with discipline with the artist. But the kitten was so vigorous and energetic, that she didn’t follow any rules or etiquette. She jumped all over the places whether these are shelves, cupboards, wardrobe, or study table. The puppy usually sleeps under the study table of the artist. But the kitten used to sleep on his laptop or wherever she wanted. She owned every place of the house. But the artist still loved her no matter what she does to his things.

8# Creepy sometimes

Your pets never degrade you; they always encourage you and love you the way you are.  They love you unconditionally. Their love is pure. The same happened with the artist. His both pets were so loving and caring that he never felt alone. They always cared about him and his feelings. They always try to comfort and console him.

9# Stress buster

So, whenever the artist felt ill or unhappy, she had always helped him. She used to cuddle with him. She used to love him more every time he feels down.

10# Family

And then they became a family. Animals can be some of our best friends. They are always loyal to us, love us, and defend us.

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