Artist Shares The Sequel Of The Green Mermaid Story That Hit People In The Feels


The artist behind those drawings has created a sequel to his previous heartwarming tale, a dramatic yet sweet love storey between a mermaid and a human, which captured the internet’s love and attention.

After the thrilling cliffhanger it left us with the last time, the beautiful tale continues. Where will this time’s love storey of this unlikely couple lead us? We wanted to include part one of the storey so that you can catch up if you missed it the first time.

“For the first time, I wanted to participate in the annual challenge #mermay,” the author told Bored Panda about how he began making these illustrations. Instead of doing a different mermaid every day, I thought it would be fun to weave pictures into a tale. I wasn’t expecting such a strong reaction.”

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Part One

Image credits: andivart


Image credits: andivart

“Oh no!”

Image credits: andivart

“Please, live… I’ll bring you a Petal of Life”

Image credits: andivart

Image credits: andivart

“Got caught!”

Image credits: andivart

“Good job, boy! We got her!”

Image credits: andivart

“What have I done?… She will not survive in captivity… I must somehow help her…”

Image credits: andivart

“I’ll bring you home…”

Image credits: andivart

“- I’m so, so sorry… Please be free again. – Hey boy! Do not do what you want to do, or I’ll shoot you!”

Image credits: andivart


“Petal of Life… I kept it in my hand, from the beginning”

“You will live, you will live…”

Image credits: andivart

Part Two

Image credits: andivart

“Wake up… The sun rose ”

“I’m alive, but how is this possible? — Come with me, I will show you something…”

“It’s him again! We can hide in a secret place that I wanted to show you…”

“He won’t find us. We’re safe here”

“Lily is my life. I gave you part of me, the petal, and you…”

‪“Here you are! Gotcha!?‬”

“What is it here? It’s my precious — If he picks the flower, I’ll die…”

“DO NOT touch the…”


“‪Oh no, no… It’s all because of me…”

“I’m so so sorry… my love…”

Image credits: andivart

The artist told us how long it takes him to produce this storey: “It took me a month and a half to complete one part of 12 frames.” It might take a month in all, but I left a few days for each illustration to tease the audience.”

Andy Ivanov told us that Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks have influenced his style. “Love and admire nature” is the key message behind his art. Don’t try to take it over.”


The artist also shared with us that part 2 is the last in the series, but he will be sharing some illustrations about the life of this couple in the future, so if you’re interested – follow him on Instagram.

Tell us what you think about these illustrations in the comments! What do you think is going to happen next?
The artist also told us that while part 2 is the final instalment in the series, he will be sharing some drawings about the couple’s lives in the future, so if you’re interested, follow him on Instagram.

In the below, let us know what you think of these illustrations! What do you believe will happen next?