Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Animal Comics Is Back With Another Tearjerker, And It Might Be Her Saddest One Yet


German freelance illustrator and Digital Media student Jenny Jinya’s animals-meet-Death comics have gained hundreds of thousands of followers across multiple platforms. Don’t be alarmed if such thought occurs to you. Jenny’s depiction of Death isn’t a villain, either, as the comics aggressively support for animal rights. Rather, a caring guide who leads the animals to their new home.

Jenny brings everyone’s attention to neglected animals we rarely talk about as suffering pets – parrots. The series began with ‘Good Boy’ and ‘Black Cat,’ and then moved on to bunnies and elephants.

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Jenny believes that there are a variety of reasons why parents purchase so-called pocket pets for their children. “Birds, like hamsters and fish, are supposed to be little animals that require little attention. People realize they haven’t done enough research when these little animals suddenly start making a mess,” she told Bored Panda.

“Budgerigars are small, attractive, and relatively inexpensive parrots. The wildness and complexity of these animals are sometimes underestimated. We’re discussing exotic birds that are naturally wild. These birds are not ornaments; they are noisy, want to fly, and require attention. Jenny stated, “You can’t just set them next to Grandma’s flower pot and disregard them.”

Here’s what the artist had to say when sharing the comic

Animal welfare group on a global scale Parrots can be interesting and lovely to look at; they are intelligent, can learn tricks, and may provide companionship to some individuals, according to In Defense of Animals.

Jenny highlighted that pets can be great and very important to children. “That being said, parents should be aware that a child may not always be able to meet all the requirements of an animal. One should not leave this responsibility completely to the child and before each purchase, one should inform oneself sufficiently about what one is getting involved with,” the artist added.

And here’s how the people responded to it

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