Artist Who Made People Cry With Her ‘Good Boy’ Comics Just Released A New One About A Dog, Says It Was Painful To Draw


Jenny Jinya’s 311k Instagram followers are well aware of what they have agreed to. Her comic strips are not for the faint of heart, and this is because they depict the terrible reality of human cruelty to animals. Jenny’s stories have been described as “tearjerkers” that will stay with us for days.

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This time, the German artist returns with a tragic cartoon about a dog bred to fight other dogs. “I apologise for taking so long. “It was excruciatingly hard to sketch,” Jenny said to her fans, and we understand.

Jenny isn’t the first person to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Her previous comic strips depicted a black cat, a duck, an albatross, and a lion and an elephant.

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Jenny just released a new strip showing the cruel practice of dog fights

Jenny was contacted by Bored Panda to find out what inspired her to create this particular strip about a dog combatant. It turns out that the artist was constantly worried by the dogs’ exceedingly unfavourable reputation. Since her friends owned them, she knew they were the kindest animals.

Jenny was well aware that pit bulls are frequently forced to fight and suffer serious injuries as a result. However, the research she conducted prior to painting revealed a darker side to it. “I initially realised that pit bull puppies are taken and trained in part from normal houses. These animals had hoped for a loving home but were instead thrown into a world of violence and loneliness.”

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