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Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Comics Just Released A New One, But This Time, It’s A Happy One



This time our artists bought a new twist in their comics. The artist who makes people cry with her comics just released a new comic. But this time, you will see, it has a great happy end. There are two main characters in this comic. One is life, and the other is death. So, are you ready for this?

Never be so kind that you forget to be clever, and never be so smart, that you fail to be kind. You will see many imperative factors about wildlife, pools, animals, humanity, death, and life in this comic.

From many human activities, wildlife is at risk. Humans are destroying the aquatic habitat for their benefit for many years. They have put stress on our natural ecosystem, which is weakening the wildlife more and more. Water quality has been degraded in aquatic habitats via humans’ activities. Every year millions of animals crawl or fall into the pools. Mostly in summer, almost all the animals are attracted to water for shelter or to hang out.

There has always been an affectional relationship between man and animals. Animals need people for primary care. If you’re an animal lover, you may know that animal lovers receive affection and love for being such admirable owners, and they give it to their pets.

Death might be an utmost fear that everybody has. But the truth is that you cannot run away from it. Later or sooner, you have to face it. Most people are oblivious and consider death as inauspicious.

Not only death, but life is also a reality. But the only difference is that life is an apparent reality, but death is a solitary and actual reality. But love conquers all of the facts. Just like the flower that cannot bloom without daylight, a human cannot live without love.

1# Pool threat

Kids and animals tend to gulp more than adult humans, mainly when you have a swimming pool. There’s always the risk of attracting unexpected guests. These are the wild animals that wander into your pool area, whether it’s for a swim, a drink, or just to hang out.
The autumn chill wakes her up, and like other animals, this kit fox was also attracted by pool water. But she didn’t know what is going to happen to her. She loved the amber skies over the pool water. She was unaware of the dangerous facts of the real world. This attraction of pool water leads to dismay. The kit fox fell into the pool water. She yelled for help, but no one was there, except for the death.

2# Life saved

Foxes are not treacherous to humans, especially when these are kit foxes. They mostly love to get cuddles and attention from their human friend. Yes, they love their human friends as a pet. But this kit fox was fighting for life in the large dark pool. When she was screaming for help, she turned unconscious. It seemed like the little fox gave up on life. But sometimes, death is not so cruel but helpless.
Have you ever thought about why you live and what happens to you when you die? Or how cruel or kind the death or the life is?

3# Humanity exists

What once died doesn’t stay dead. It can be alive, alive in your head. In that dismay, the little fox just died. And the death himself was in grief. To live a real-life, you must understand the significance of death when you are not completely dead or not dead yet. Death is not always the most significant loss. The most significant loss is what dies inside us when we were alive.
When death arrives, there is an end of all the thoughts, all of your ambitions, your body, and your mind. In this misery, life showed hope. A hope of life. It was a young girl who pulled the kit fox out of the large dark pool.

4# Death contented

Never be so polite that you forget your powers, and never employ such violence that you just forget to be polite. Death is not always cruel, not really. We have all just heard about life, that when she asked death, “Why do people always love me but hate you?”
And death replied, “Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am a throbbing truth.” But don’t you think that life isn’t a lie? Just like death, it is also a truth. A real truth. And life isn’t always so beautiful, and death isn’t always so painful. Well, controversy exists there. There is just no such way for the living creatures to avoid death and life.

5# It’s life

It was the life that saved that little kit fox. Out of thought, life asked the death that I give everything to people, but still, some people wish to meet you. Why is that? The death replied in a humble tone that it might be because I’m just the cold hand, taking them from life for some people. But for some people, I might be liberty. A freedom that allows them to detach from all the temporary relations and articles of this world. This may enable them to feel freedom from their misery.
But I’m always happy for you. The way you win for the livings.

6# Realm of life

There are only a few places left on the earth where man’s impact has not been felt. Not every man is hazardous, and not every man is kind. There exists love that makes almost everything possible. Love has the power to conquer all the world. Love is a flower that you have got to let grow. And the death said that I just love losing from you. And the life knew that all of her kids would be in in-kind hands when they leave her kingdom.

7# Life is like butterflies

Happiness is like a butterfly. When pursued, it is always beyond your grasp. But if you will just sit down gently, it may alight upon you. Every living dreamed of being a butterfly, fluttering around in the sizeable charming sky.
Life was so delighted that she said that every life that I bring into this world would never be forgotten in yours. Life said, “Always keep the butterflies round you; they are nature’s little angels. They remind us that life is a gift of nature.

8# Prettiest flowers

My love for my children blossoms every day. The life said. She further expanded that every flower is a soul, prospering in nature. They are the music of the grounds. Just like friends, they bring color to your life. Flowers offer natural prettiness, artwork, and lovely smells.
But the death asked, “How is Life like a Flower?”
Life replied excitedly that every flower must grow through dirt, from where does the life arise. Be like the flower that gives its scent to everyone, even to the hand that crushes it. If you can’t be in admiration of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you.

9# Pools can pose a significant threat

If you own a pool, you can avoid such incidence by adopting precautions. Barriers and other enclosures are a great first line of defense against such accidents to save wildlife. You can also consider a scamper ramp. It droops over the edge of the pool surface and into the water that offers an escape route for animals that struggle for life and fight death.
You can also install irrigators or other systems to alarm animals. That little kit fox was lucky to win life, but pools can pose a significant hazard to wildlife.