Artists Create 20 Comics That Masterfully Address Inherited Social Inequity in Everyday Life


Blobby has an odd appearance, but who cares about that? On the inside, they’re incredibly cool, and that’s all that matters. This small critter is dependable, helpful, and won’t put up with nonsense. It’s no surprise that they have 465,000 followers.

We can introduce you to both if you haven’t heard of this lovely porridge yet. They are imaginary characters who star in the Blobby and Friends comic book.

It’s a project that’s not only about living a healthy lifestyle, but also about critical social concerns like homelessness and racism. Even better, the stories manage to make the audience chuckle.

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“I was looking for a medium to let me talk about the topics that matter to me,” said the artist, who began producing toys and puppets. “To be honest, we weren’t expecting things to turn out the way they did, and I’m overjoyed and grateful to our fans.

Blobby is described by Zack as “the most magical companion you’ve ever wished for.”




Lily, her human companion (for some reason, I connect with her character), Ashley, who has a thing on Lily, and Charlie / Punk Kid, who can shed, are all characters who appear in the comics. He may appear menacing, yet he’s the smoothest, healthiest character we’ve ever created. “That’s why Charlie is modelling our underwear,” Zack joked.



Many web comics avoid debatable subjects. There’s a pun here, a corny sentence there, and that’s all there is to it. I’m not implying that this premise is flawed. There is definitely a market for it. I only want to point out that Blobby and Friends stands out among the others. Even though the series appeared to be similar at first.

I’m not sure what prompted me to start making comics in the form that they are now. In reality, we began out very simply, with cute, funny humour that were more surface-level. We recognised we had the opportunity to use Blobby to talk on more serious themes as the account evolved, Zack explained.