Artists Draw Dark Short Comics with Twisted Endings


By: Yael Nathan

We all have been gone through many horrible events, that we just can’t forget. Many such events leave a mark on our souls for our entire life. Sometimes, we don’t believe in dark magic or dark creatures but they exist imperceptibly. This time our artist, Yael Nathan has illustrated some thought-provoking and thrilling comics for you. These are full of suspense, fiction, horror, and interest. These short comics are so incredible with twisted endings, that we would love to share these comics with you.

In the first comic story, you will see the impact of the bomb explosion on the natural environment and animal and human health. Whenever there is a nuclear explosion, nature suffers from its effects for many years. There occur dangerous mutations in the genes, that the next generations are mutated and suffer more. The radiations of the nuclear explosion are extremely harmful to the life on the earth.

In the second comic story, you will see the effect of music on the human brain and heart. Music lessens the stress, loneliness, and pain. It provides you a distraction from your hard life routine and brings peace and calmness. Music has a long-lasting effect on our thoughts and actions.

In the third comic story, you will see the desire of kids for the super Nintendo. These video games are good to play, but the kids became addicted to them. And this addiction leads them to misery. So, scroll down to have a look at all these incredible stories.

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No#1 Ark

In this short comic story, a man tells his story of saving the animals from the hazardous effects of nuclear radiation.

1# The right day

I have been chasing the wolf for many months, but every time the wolf manages to escape at the very crucial moment. But I think today I will get her.

2# The aim

Finally, I found the wolf and I aimed at her. I know I was very nervous before shooting the wolf, but I had no other choice.

3# Got trouble

But the moment I shot at the wolf, suddenly I heard some strange and scary sound. When I turned around, I saw three mutated wolves.

4# Two bullets

Those wolves were suffering from the perilous effects of radiation. Life was a misery for them. I fought with them for their good and to save myself.

5# Effects of bomb

And then only two bullets were left in my rifle. I searched for the third wolf in a hurry and shot it. I always feel bad for them for such a life. These are all the effects of a bomb explosion and nuclear radiation.

6# Mutations

Every year, after the bomb explosion, the mutated species were increasing so rapidly and the non-mutated species were endangering.

7# He saved her

And then I put the wolf in my car carefully and took her home. I was a bit happy that I saved her finally, but I was in grief too for killing those mutated species.

8# Feels like home

The wolf became so happy after meeting with her family. And I became much happier by seeing that spark in her eyes.

9# All will be well

I don’t know if would be able to save them all. But I can just hope that all will be well soon. Everything will be alright.

10# Time is short

I could feel the effect of those hazardous radiations on my body. I could feel that these were killing me slowly. But I had to save them all. I had to go out and find food for them to live. And I had decided to open all the gates for them when I would about to die.

11# One more chance to survive

I just wanted to give them one more chance to survive in this world. I had no idea if this was going to work, but I could only hope for the best.

No#2 Midnight Radio

This is a story of a depressed and doomed girl and a strange music radio station.

1# Radio

Sometimes, I had nothing but the radio to spend time with. So, I leave the radio to listen to some music that is used to play sometimes. I knew that music is a language of emotions and feelings. And I felt this in those days.

2# Misery

Sometimes, the music signals were so clear and sometimes there was no signal at all. And when there was no music, I become the same depressed girl.

3# I always wonder

I used to listen to music the whole night. But when the sun rises, the music fades away. I become so alone and miserable again.

4# Only questions

I always wonder if I will be able to listen to that music again or not. So, I started a mission to find that ratio station. I met many people and asked about it, but I found no clue. I had only questions with no answers at all.

5# That damn station

I continued to search for it but find it nowhere.

6# Numbers

But one day, when I was listening to the music, I heard some numbers and I noted them.

7# A clue

These numbers were a kind of clue, maybe an address to a place.

8# Towns and Towns

I got some hope. So, I got up on my bike and started my journey in search of that place.

9# Get through the desert

When all the tons and the roads ended, I passed through a desert.

10# Finally found it

At last, I found that place. And it was a radio station.

11# Turned into the dust

The man who was running that radio station turned into the dust and disappeared.  

12# That music

So, I took his place and put up the headphones. It was the same music I used to listen to. But this time it was more beautiful and melodious. 

13# All those spirits

While listening to the music, I felt like I found my treasure. A treasure of happiness.

No#3 The Nintendo

This is a story of five friends and their desire of getting a super Nintendo.

1# It was December 1991

I still remember the time, when it all started. This all happened when one kid from our school got a super Nintendo. He used to invite us to play the game, but we became addicted to it.

2# The ritual

To get a Nintendo, we planned to perform a ritual. So, one day we headed to Tommy’s home, who suggested us the ritual to us.

3# Night without parents

Tommy told us about the whole ritual to get a super Nintendo for ourselves. So, we reached his home to perform the ritual.

4# Magic book

Tommy took them to his room, where there was a big pentagram. We all were afraid, but we had to do it for our desire.

5# Darkness and pentagram

But then I decided to step back from the ritual. But Liz forced me to do it. So, I gathered some courage and entered the pentagram.

6# Got wrong

When all f us were in the pentagram, Tommy read some magic lines. And I thought it is all a lie, but something happened and it proved me wrong.

7# The monster

A monster appeared under the bed. The monster was so big and scary that we all screamed loud after seeing him.

8# Why you called me?

The monster asked us that why we called him. But at that time all of us were quite a in terror.

9# The desire of Nintendo

And then Tommy asked him to provide us a super Nintendo and then we’ll let him go. But unfortunately, Liz moved out of the pentagram.

10# Cruel monster

The monster attacked Liz and then he attacked me.

11# We were lucky

Tommy read some reverse magic lines, and the monster vanished.

12# Some were injured

Both of us were severely injured. Liz got a scar on her face and I lost my eye.

13# We were afraid

And then we never played with our friends that much. Our lives were changed.

14# Everything changed

That night, the whole world was changed for me. I got married to Liz and now I have my kids and family.

15# The best way to be happy

And then I tried my level best to provide everything to my children that they desired. It was the only best and cheaper way to save them from such traumas.