By: The Wolf

Human has always been a danger for the wildlife. He is destroying it for centuries. We can call the cruelty to animals by human beings as animal abuse. He has been killing and using animals for food, leather clothing, experimenting with technology, obtaining different products, domestic purposes, and many more. You may consider domestic violence and animal cruelty as any intentional distress in animals that can cause emotional, mental, or physical pain. But one thing that we should know and promote is that the animals must not be treated in such a harsh or cruel way.

Every living creature has an equal right to live on this planet. The Creator of the universe has created this world and this universe for a reason or a particular purpose. He is the one who has created the humans, us, and the animals. To have a family, peace, and life is the right of everything that breaths. But you know sometimes, most precisely all the time, we have lost our humanity and sensitivity of pain for the animals. What could be the reason?

Because they don’t speak our language, they don’t have their voice? But they do have emotions. All we need is to keep a balance in nature. Everything has a balance, if we disturb the balance of nature there will be consequences. Balance brings peace and harmony with it. There exists a natural Food-chain for the balance of this ecosystem, but he has always been disturbing and destroying it. Human has always been egotistical and greedy.

Over time, he became so selfish that he started considering himself as the only heir of this universe, and that all of this world was only created for him, and that he is superior of all. He started hunting and abusing animals for his benefit. He has not only killed the weaker animals; he has also killed and controlled the strongest ones. Those animals who survived the cruel hunting have died of pains and suffering of lethal wounds. In this comic, the artist drew the reverse role of humans and animals in thirty satirical illustrations that will reveal the cruel reality of humans to you.

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1# Animals also have emotions

We have never considered animals as living beings. We have never thought of their pains, sufferings, and needs. We have always been so selfish as to sacrifice them for our good. We have used them, manipulated them, and hunted them. Have you ever thought about how much they suffer because of our cruel activities?

2# Circus abuse

Animals have been abused in circuses for centuries. Almost all circus animals spend their entire life in cages, captivity, and chains. It brings depression and many psychological traumas to them. They force them to perform circus. Circus animals have to hours and hours for the circus training and suffer a lot.

3# Cruel hunting

Human has been an animal hunter from the very beginning of life on the earth. The animals who escape death, often suffer from pain and die. Hunters don’t care for their families, habitat, and sufferings. Some of them say that they do hunting just to maintain the natural balance. But to be honest, they are psychopaths.

4# Outdoor activities

You may have certainly seen animals, suffering in zoos. They keep the animals in captivity for a lifetime. They are kept in obscene and murky cages and feed them unhygienic food. Many animals die in the zoo cages daily. They are forced to live a miserable life in imprisonment.

5# Endangered human

Because of our cruel activities and abuse of animals, many animals and bird species have gone vanished. And many of the animal or bird species are at risk of jeopardy. At this time, we need to realize their worth and importance.

6# Brutality of poultry farms

Almost everybody is well aware of the abuse of chickens at poultry farms. Chickens are not only the bags of meat and machines of eggs. They are animals, who breaths, who have emotions and feelings. We raise and then kill chickens only for their meat and eggs, we have no concern with their pains and sufferings.

7# Harsh cow farming

Well, nobody is unaware of the bulls or cow abuse. The weak or skinny cows and bulls are forced to pull the carts, twice or thrice of their weight. And when these pity animals resist, they are beaten by lashes or sticks and suffer from unbearable pain and sometimes death.

8# Technology torture

We thought of technology as a blessing. But is it a blessing? Or a curse? We use animals to test our new inventions, we run experiments on them, we manipulate them in the name of technology. Animals are treated as non-living subjects. We need to understand and admit that they are living beings, and they also feel pain.

9# Bulldog fighting

Bulldog fighting has been an emerging nastiness against animals. Have you ever thought how disgusting is this to force two dogs to fight with each other, until one of them dies? Are we even worthy to be called humans beings?

10# Stag head wall mount

Man has been using the heads of stags or other animal species as ornamental pieces or wall mounts. They catch them and kill them with their cold hands, without any regret. 

11# Animal leather items

Textile industries are using animals as unliving objects to make different fabric items or accessories. The animals suffer a lot in the name of humanity. They have to pass through painful procedures, to donate their valuable body parts for humans.

12# Fried chickens

Broiler chickens are only raised by humans for meat and eggs, and when the time arrives, they slaughter them. They don’t care for their pains and sufferings. We keep these chickens in captivity for their entire small life and then just slaughter them for food.

13# Frog dissection

Animals are used as test objects. They have been used to test our newly invented medicine products, vaccines, cosmetic products, or lab tests. Our textile industries use animals’ skin, bones, and fur to make clothes. Millions of frogs are most commonly used for dissection purposes in educational institutes on daily basis. Do we deserve to be called humans?

14# Blind driving

Every day, thousands of animals lose their lives on the roads. Sometimes, they suffer unbearable pain and sometimes miserable death. We drive blindly on the roads. We don’t pay heed to the injured animals. We just hit them with our vehicles and run away.

15# Animal ornaments

We use animals’ skin, teeth, horns, and heads for making ornaments for our houses. Humans torture them and use them for their purpose.

16# Wild earth

Animal cruelty is carried out at a large level in a disguise. We put the lives of animals and birds in danger because of our activities. We have destroyed the ecosystem entirely.

17# Feeding reality of poultry farms

It is no surprise that chickens are subjected to torture in poultry farms. Farmers feed them forcefully. They treat them as non-living objects or packets of meat and machines of eggs.

18# Captive bred birds

Have you ever seen the misery in the eyes of a captive bird? The bird who was meant to fly high in the sky with freedom is now just imprisoned in the cage. How he could be happy in the cage, while he was meant to be a free bird. They spend their entire life in captivity all alone.

19# Pet adoptions

Almost everyone loves to own pets. Pets serve to be your little furry friends in your loneliness. They give you unlimited love and attention. But have you ever realized that how alone they feel in the cages in the pet shops?

20# Aquatic hazards

Animal abuse has reached its peak, and it’s time for us to take a stand against it. Animal cruelty isn’t the problem of only one or two countries. It has become a global issue. But we are still quiet after all this. If you can’t take a stand for animals, at least you can try to take a stand for mortality. Let’s promote humanity together!

The End.