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Avatar: The Last Airbender – 10 Best Comics Characters


The Avatar series is one of the best series, having an extra level of the fan base. These do not get too
much audience overall, but it was a pure diamond for different comics. The universe of avatars is too
vast, with many graphic novels offering plenty of new content for comics and other platforms.
The Avatar series has a vast collection of comics and three-part stories on different characters. Here are
the ten best comics of various characters.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – 10 Best Comics Characters

#1 Noren / Ikem

Ikem was the man with whom Zuko’s mother Ursa fell in love and remain engaged with each other for
years before Ursa was married to Lord Ozai. For Ikem losing Ursa was heartbreaking, after which he
asked the mother of faces for a new look and became a man named Noren.
When Ursa gets banished from the Lord Ozai, she reconnects with the Noren and gets a new face named
Noriko. After getting a new look, she married Noren and had a child Kiyi.

#2 Kiyi Zuko’s Half-Sister

The Avatar whole series is incredible, and all of its characters are amazing going through a beautiful
journey. These characters have both sides, positive and negative, but Zuko’s character was admiring as it
goes through a significant change. First, he was one of the worst enemies of Aang but later, he became
his closest friend.
When Zuko’s mother, Ursa, was ousted by his father, Lord Ozai, they reconnected and met.

#3 Malina

Malina was the sister of Maliq, who was sent to help the southern tribe for rebuilding. Malina was also
an architect, engineer, and water bender. She came with her brother to the south water tribes to help
them with her skills and power in reconstructing the tribe, but she spent most of her life in the Earth
Malina was a powerful water bender who helped the southern tribes to enhance their way of living.
Later she revealed that the Northern Water Tribe was trying to colonize the Southern Water Tribe
territory for their own. And after inhabiting their region, they will take all of their resources for

#4 Lady Tienhai

All the spirits are not irritable and cruel like General Old Iron, as he was only pesky by harming the
others. But some of the souls are human-friendly because of their lovely and helpful behaviour.
Lady Tienhai was the one whom General Old Iron protects, and she was the guardian of a city. Lady
Tienhai loves to turn into a human being to enjoy nature and interact with people, but she turns into a
human only once a year. One day she was in the city in human form and eventually died, which lead to
rampages of old iron.

#5 General Old Iron

To deal with the spirits, it was known that they got offended quickly and have a lot of thicker
metaphorical skin.
General Old Iron’s duty was to protect Lady Tienhai as he was a spirit and played a protective role. He
hasn’t had a huge fan base due to his rampages with Avatar Yangchen and the Avatar Aang.

#6 Liling

Liling was a businesswoman and a powerful earthbender. Her business corporation was working in
competition with Earthen Fire Industry in which Satoru was working.
While Satoru was working for a fair and equal relationship between benders and non-benders, some
people are against it. Liling was also among them who want to kick off all the non-benders from her
hometown. Some people in both groups think that they are superior then the others and don’t want to
live with them.

#7 Mother Of Faces

With lots of incredible battles and action scenes, both The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra are
moving on back to back with a huge fan base. Having all those scenes, spirituality comes first, which is
the central part of this world.
One of the ancient characters with a lot of power and which spirits them is the Mother Of Faces. She can
give faces to all of the living beings, including humans and plants. The spirits that inhabit the parts of
this world often come up, and giving complexions to these spirits is an unusual thing that needs to be
done by someone.

#8 Satoru

Satoru from Ozai loyalists was born in Fire Nation. After Satoru’s defeat from Aang, his parents serve
him for a long time, but he never agrees with the world view of his parents. That’s why he flew away
from there to his uncle in Ba Sing Se.
After leaving his house, Satoru starts working with his uncle and helps the uncle grow his business,
Earthen Fire Industry. He was there to help his uncle; he wants to help the tram Avatar with the building
process. As he was a great fan and supporter of the Avatar team, he became an important character
who helped rebuild after the hundred-year war.

#9 Maliq

To help as an architect and engineer, Maliq travel from his Northern Water Tribe to the South. His ideas
and plans for reconstruction were hilarious and helpful. After the end of the war, Maliq played a
significant role in rebuilding Southern Water Tribes.
The time of the Hundred Year War was too destructive and devastating on the Air Nomads and Southern
Water Tribes. Both of these tribes were destroyed, but the Southern Water Tribes were left with
nothing. That’s why Maliq travels that way long to help them out.

#10 Metal Bending Students First Batch

Toph Biefong a girl’s character who was one of the most robust earthbender and made her debut in the
sixth episode of book two of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This girl was blind; that’s why his parents
coddle her for an excuse, but his powers were hilarious.
She was not only known as an earthbender but she was also known as the originator of metalbending.
Toph decided to open a metalbending school after the defeat of Ozai, and the first batch of his
metalbending was unique and funny. Her first group of school students were a great source of comics
and only appeared in the comics.

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