‘Bib’ Turns Funny Animal Pics Into Adorable Drawings And Here’re 20 Of Their Cutest Works


Bib, a Filipino artist known online as Bib, is a huge animal lover. In reality, Bib is so fond of them that she has a series dedicated to the critters she “meets” on the internet.

Bib redraws them in her playful style that just emphasises their quirky personalities, whether it’s a derpy cat struggling to fit in a box or a stubborn doggo refusing to continue walking. I’m not sure how she does it, but her paintings are sometimes much cuter than the originals.

Bib still includes the original picture that inspired her when she posts her work, so you can still meet the animals!

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These photos are a clear example of what Bib does on a regular basis. “I mainly do cutesy pet drawings and silly meme redraws,” says the artist.

“Because I do pet illustrations for a living, I started doing meme redraws as a little practise exercise.”




Bib said the pictures she uses come from memes she discovers and falls in love with right away, as well as pet accounts she follows.

Bib, being the animal lover that she is, has her own cat. “Her name is Chip, and she’s a fuzzy Chow Chow,” the artist said of her canine companion.

Let’s hope Chip isn’t envious and understands why her owner keeps other pet pictures on her computer screen all the time.




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