Pets have become a part of almost every house. Different people have different desires, needs, and requirements for pets. Most people want cats as pets, some want dogs or rabbits, and other people want to fish or birds as pets. It is totally up to them, what they chose as a pet, we have no right to judge them. But indeed, we don’t have any right to criticize anybody for their pets. Owning a pet has a noticeable impact on humans’ physical or mental health. It has numerous benefits, which may include a regular outing or walking, physical fitness, a relaxed mind, and a fresh and happy soul.

If you are a pet owner, you might have felt a bond between you and your pet. It is a bond of unconditional love and affection, that exists naturally. Every human heart feels love and cares for the animals, but if it doesn’t have any feelings of love and care for animals, it couldn’t be a human heart. And in return, animals give you love more than your expectations, because they have a pure and innocent heart. They are the sucker of love. They need someone who can understand their needs and desires because they can’t speak like us.

Pets help you to deal with your rough and tough times.  They serve as a companion in your loneliness and dark periods. They help you deal with anxiety and depression. Playing with animals decreases your stress level, cholesterol level, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels. So, in this way, they not only help you in maintaining good health but also bring real happiness to you. Nourishing a pet also encourages childhood and parenthood responsibilities. If you live alone, your pets can help you feel important and worthy.

In this comic, we have bought marvelous and incredible illustrations by Brian Kesinger for you. He is a great story artist and illustrator as well. He has described almost every fun fact about Octopus as a pet in these illustrations. Have you ever imagined an Octopus as a pet? Well, if you have never imagined it, these illustrations are going to be fun for you. In this comic, you will see a series about life with a pet, Octopus. The two main characters of these incredible adventures are a lady, Victoria, and her Octopus pet, Otto. So, let’s see what will happen if you own an Octopus as a pet.

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1# Inky every time

Usually, octopuses are inky. They have an ink sack. So, they spread ink everywhere. Octopus uses ink generally to defend against their enemy. But if you own an octopus as a pet, you are going to be in dirtiness trouble.

2# Canny bubble bath

Victoria can relish a bubbly bath with Otto. As he has eight arms, these are more than enough as the helping hands for her. She can enjoy the bath without doing anything by herself.

3# Icing on a snowflake

Otto and Victoria can go for an outing in snowfall. Otto is habitual of cold as he has blue blood to survive in the deep ocean. They can play and enjoy themselves together on the ice.

4# Cool summer

Victoria can have a shower of cool water in the summer. Otto always loves to make her happy.

5# Historically King

Otto has a mysterious life. Victoria can go underwater with him to see his history and lifestyle. Can you feel the happiness of Otto, while showing her his kingdom?

6# Jolly cooking

Octopuses have three hearts, eight arms, and nine brains. His arms have a mind of their own, so they can work independently. He can cook, play, and enjoy all at once. Victoria has the advantage of it.

7# Boating with Otto

Victoria can go on boating with Otto. They can have an incredible time together. Otto can handle the boat, serve the tea, and play music at a time. So that she can spend a good time there.

8# Cycle racing

They both can go on cycling. No matter, Otto may need a unique type of cycle. Victoria can start a race with him.

9# Painting and playing at a time

As Otto has eight independent arms, he can make a painting while playing many different games.

10# Quick mass meal

Otto is quite intelligent. He can cook mass meals alone. But he likes the company of Victoria in every task.

11# It’s Warmtime

Being very strong and muscular, Otto has the potential to save Victoria from every danger.

12# Octopus for free

This illustration is hilarious. At a pet adoption festival, you can see only Otto is free for sale. Maybe because of it, Victoria is more interested in him. But no doubt, baby Otto is looking more attractive than all other pets.

13# You are mine

Otto has developed feelings of unconditional love and care for Victoria, as other pets do. He doesn’t like to share her with anybody else. Victoria is lucky, having such a caring and loving pet.

14# Story reading

If you are an emerging reader, you might like to read aloud to your pet. So, being a reader Victoria likes to read a story aloud for Otto. Even watching him in an aquarium, makes her delighted and happy.

15# My home salon

Otto used to help her with every task. He cannot only cook food for her, but he can also help her in getting ready for any event.

16# Candle lights

Victoria can enjoy a candlelight dinner with Otto. He always loves to spend time with him.

17# Time travel

Victoria and Otto can both go on marvelous adventures.

18# I don’t want a bath

Otto is so obedient until the bathtub arrives. You can see in this illustration that he is frustrating from the bath, but Victoria wants him neat and clean. Every time, Otto repeats the same behavior after seeing a bathtub for him.

19# I’m stuck

Many people say that the octopuses are dumb. They say that an octopus is a stupid creature, but they are wrong. Otto is clever enough to handle everything himself. He has priceless emotions and feelings for Victoria. She likes to play with him. Victoria has bought numerous toys for Otto so that he can enjoy growing.

20# Broom riding

Otto can go on a ride on the broom with Victoria. Riding a broomstick is a dream of almost everyone.

21# Nostalgic painting

Victoria has a portrait of herself with Otto. She loves this painting, and honestly me too. They both are looking so happy together. This painting carries nostalgic vibes.

22# Fishing

Fish is the favorite food of Otto. He loves eating fishes of a different variety. After eating fishes and snails, he throws their skeletons and shells out of his mouth.

23# Music to the castle

They can play and relish music together.

24# Will play together

25# Evil sides

Almost everyone has an evil side, so does Victoria. But in every situation, they support and encourage each other.

26# Visit to cemetery

Victoria is afraid of the old cemetery. But Otto always gives her enough courage to go on such ventures.

27# Cloudy sky

They can have a cloud ride in the sky. Well, everything is possible in our imaginary world.

28# Friend’s meeting

All animals have a mutual bond of love and care. When Victoria was traveling through the forest, Otto met his old friends. All of them are so pleased together.

29# We will dance together

Sometimes, Otto plays music and Victoria loves to dance.

30# Otto likes ice-cream

Victoria and Otto can have an incredible time together.

Cuddling a furry pet greatly reduces your anxiety and stress. They provide you a company in loneliness. Usually, we are ignorant of the physical and mental benefits of owning a pet. So, we suggest you to read our best articles for broad information about pets.

The End.