Dog scours the daycare for the fluffiest dogs so she can nap on them.


Everything and everyone can be used as a cushion if you’re brave enough. Furthermore, Edna is fearless.

Edna has been going to daycare since she was a puppy, and her routine has mostly been the same: Edna wanders around, playing for a couple of hours, and exhausts herself to the point that she needs to rest to re-energize her batteries. As a result, she begins looking for a comfy place to slumber for the remainder of the day. Nonetheless, because so many canines are looking for something similar, finding it can be difficult. As a result, Edna makes the necessary adjustments. Furthermore, when she requires a nap,She choose a cuddly canine at daycare to use as a cushion!

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It was more easier for Edna to lay on the various dogs while she was still almost nothing. In any event, Edna isn’t going to stop doing it now that she’s bigger. Furthermore, her daycare companions don’t seem to mind in the least.

Brianna frequently finds Edna dozing on one of her cuddle friends when she goes to the daycare to pick her up. When the time comes for me to return home, I usually have to take her off of another dog,” Gottfried explained.

Edna is clearly a joy to be around, and every single one of her companions enjoys her company so much that they’re prepared to pitch in to make sure they can socialise. If that isn’t achieving your goals, I’m not sure what is.