‘Draw This Again’ Challenge Shows That Practice Makes Perfect (30 Pics)


There are several success formulas, but they almost all include effort and time, and the adage “practice makes perfect” is not without merit. This is especially true in drawing, where knowing proportions, shading, and other skills can transform a simple circle with lines into a complex, realistic face. The ‘Draw This Again!’ drawing challenge asks artists to redraw their pencil sketches and drawing ideas and compare them side by side to show how their skills have improved.

These images, which range from pencil drawings to bright 3D rendering works, demonstrate that no one is born an artist, and that mastering sketching takes a lot of patience and hard effort. Have you been making any cool drawings as well? Then share your take on ‘Draw This Again!’ in the comments section, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite beautiful drawings!

#1 2005 Vs 2017 By Jade Mere

#2 About 10 Years Of Progress By Miles

#3 Progress Of 11 Months By Itsmehoswa

#4 Progression To Semi-Realistic Style By Abigail Diaz

#5 About 9 Years Of Progress By Laura Brouwers

#6 1 Year Progress By Zary

#7 Draw Jessica Alba Again

#8 3 Years Of Progress By Isvoc

#9 I Repainted One Of My First Digital Paintings From 4 And A Half Years Ago By Sara Tepes

#10 Improvement Of 4 Years By Noisebaskerville

#11 My Art 5years

#12 7 Years Difference By Munchkinmay!

Age 5 Vs Age 15 By Natalie Dementhon

#14 Progress Of 3 Years By Amy Hussein

#15 2008 Vs 2011 By Daria Widermanska

#16 Change

#17 1 Year Difference By Claudia Sketches

#18 Redraw Of A Portrait After 7 Years By Frida Lundqvist

#19 2015 Vs 2017 by Chibi-Megimoo

#21 Drawing Of Ginger Two Years Ago And Now.

Progress Of Drawing A Wolf By Tina Johanne

#23 1990 Vs 2014 By Ania Ania

#24 4 Years Progress Of Drawing A Horse By Tessa

#25 The First Time I Touched A Computer Vs 2017 By Eriday

#26 6 Years Difference By Lina Kisonyte

#27 Progress Of 2 Years By Ximby

#28 15 Years Of Progress By Andantonius

#29 Progress Of Tiger By Dustin Walker

#30 Redraw After 7 Years By E. Palmeri And R. Palmeri

The End.