We’ve all met someone who has a hard time expressing themselves. They make others feel as if they don’t care about anything, but they have such strong feelings deep down inside that they simply don’t know how to express. These people are probably afraid of appearing weak in front of others, so they pretend to be strong. They simply do not want someone’s soft side to show and realise their flaws. While expressing love does not make one vulnerable, it does reveal your caring side, making you more open and approachable.

This type of action, on the other hand, is not restricted to a particular age group or demography, but it is most commonly seen among senior males.There is usually a cranky old man in our neighbourhood or family who is always whining and demanding about something. It doesn’t matter if it’s their household pet or their next-door neighbor’s noisy child. They’re still out there yelling at people. They may appear to be unconcerned about others, although they are deeply concerned. They have so much love, and it’s all unconditional. Pietro, the artist Akiro Tea’s father, has acted in this manner toward his own pet cat, Fritz. Akiro depicted her father and his cat’s friendship in a moving and humorous comic strip. Take a look and scroll down.

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We can spot a dash of love in that hateful warning.

Dad said so but dad didn’t mean so.

Oh, the things we do for love.

You always hurt the person who loves you the most.

There’s something about the people we care about. We continue to hurt them. It’s not that we want to, but we care so much about them, and vice versa. They follow some of our guidelines, and we follow some of theirs. When these norms are breached, people are harmed. It’s the same with cats. They don’t mean to hurt us, but they do scratch us and use us to mark their territory on occasion. Back off! It’s how they let the world know they’re human. All of those wounds are simply expressions of cats’ devotion for one another. Maybe that’s why it’s said that loving hurts.

It’s a love-hate relationship.

It’s a good time, no one is looking. I must pet my catto.

Standing up for your cat is a way of telling them you love them even if you don’t show it.

Your cat is not just your pet but it’s your child.

Despite all the yelling and scolding the cat knows who loves her the most.

Say hello to the real Fritz!

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