The Life of Sharks is a webcomic created by Christian Talbot (the author) and Sophie Hodge that displays true facts about sharks and smart wit (the artist).

In general, our comic is about the small details of everyday life, connections, and feelings. We thought it would be amusing to put such things into the mouths of fish who are thought to be coldblooded killers. Sharks, too, cannot guarantee sovereignty. The more I learn about sharks, the stranger and more fascinating they become. A large number of marine biologists are now following us, and they respect the knowledge that the students have about small fish.

Our thoughts come from all over the place. It could be a phrase I hear, a news item, or something that has happened that she can only describe as a shark attack. Sophie will email me an arbitrary situation to create an animation about on a regular basis.When Sophie writes to say she’s out of things to attract and to please try to be entertaining, I get my finest ideas while vacuuming the house or when she writes to say she’s out of things to attract and to please try to be amusing. I use Wikipedia to confirm (or refute) my preconceptions about sharks.

As a way to make outlines, I started by scripting brief interactions between sharks on my Facebook profile. I needed to demonstrate that I could write anything to that effect, just as I always did with my unusual schedules. They were well-known among a group of my comedy pals, who persuaded me to have an animation made of them.I can’t draw, so I was ecstatic to learn that not only could Sophie draw them, but she also had the option of adding her own unique style to the mix. They’re more entertaining as a result of the way she sketches them.

You can find us on the various internet-based life connections listed below. We’ve also just distributed a collection of our jokes in the form of a book containing our finest Shark jokes. Take a look at it once in a while! Also, enjoy the cartoons for the time being.

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