I Create These Adorable Animal Comics To Spread Some Positivity (23 New Pics)


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To spread some positive vibes, I made a heartwarming comic about an alligator named ‘Buddy Gator’. Some of us may have a hard time right now, but I believe it’s going to be all right as long as we have someone to stand by us.

Buddy Gator is an alligator that is nice and sweet. Perhaps we all need a friend like him when we have a rough time.

In the near future, more new comics will arrive! You will find my previous posts on Pixiebrutus here, here, here, and here, if you are interested.

“Viral Update: “A lot of people know Pixiebrutus and trust its content, so I’m honoured to be featured on Pixiebrutus. Some fans have been acquired from my social network, more people see my work. It motivates me to keep making. I also got some project inquiry. One thing I found is that when our post is featured on Pixiebrutus, it will also be shared by several other websites from around the world.I can’t explain how awesome this is in terms. More positive energy is needed by our planet. I like that the Bored Panda group is nice, and instead of something cynical or derogatory, they always leave a genuine, positive message. Thanks for making this forum for us, Bored Panda! We will, hopefully, spread more positive vibes around us.

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#1 Another Group Photo

#2 Naptop

#3 Underground Concert

#4 Free Apple

#5 It’s Time

#6 Family Sweaters

#7 Don’t Worry, I’m Here

#8 Happy Birthday

#9 Take And Give

#10 Save Johnny

#11 You Are Great

#12 Traffic Jam

#13 Photography

#14 Babysitter Assemble

#15 Sing Along

#16 Battle

#17 No Worries

#18 Happy Day

#19 Rescue

#20 Monday Blues

#21 Weight Loss Motivation

#22 Bungee Jump

#23 Crossing Over

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