I Turned 19 Famous Disney Characters Into Evolving Pokemon


I’ve been doing art professionally for almost ten years. I believe I began drawing when I was a small child, most likely using crayons and coloring pencils. I simply enjoyed drawing everything I wanted, from animals I had seen to cartoons I had watched. Learning to paint was a slow process, but I believe I gained a significant amount of digital art knowledge after attending a tutorial by Cuson, a Hong Kong-based artist I admire. He gave a live tutorial at a convention I attended, and I got to meet him afterwards, which was fantastic.

I like to begin by picturing how the finished piece will look, and then guessing until it seems fair. I start with a preliminary drawing, then add linework, shading, and colors, before zooming into the artwork and correcting any errors.

Pop culture serves as a source of inspiration for me. I adore sketching fan art because I want to bring a game or a movie I enjoy to life and add my personal touches to make it my own. When the idea of combining two of my favorite things – Disney and Pokemon – came to me, I thought to myself, “hm, this would be fascinating.” I thought it would be amusing to combine Disney characters and Pokemon evolution into one drawing, and now I can’t stop sketching Disney characters. I hope you appreciate my work developing new Pokemon with my amusing illustrations!

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