I Work At Walt Disney And In My Free Time I Draw Star Wars Characters And Their Cats


My name is Griselda, and I’d like to introduce myself. My husband, Normand, and I are referred to as Griz and Norm. We are both artists who work as feature animation artists at Walt Disney Studios. We spend our free time creating artwork inspired by the things we enjoy and posting it to our Instagram account on a regular basis.

We’ve been making Star Wars fan art lately!!! Force Awakens reigns supreme!!! These are some of my paintings of Star Wars characters and their pets.

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Princess Leia has a fluffy white cat

BB8 adopted 8 calicos

Rey and her bengal kitty

R2D2 and us share custody of our Junior

Padme Amidala has a black American curl cat

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Here is an Another link Where an Artist Makes Disney Characters From Layers Of Papers..

Jackie Huang is a brilliant Los Angeles-based paper artist. “The media I employ is something most people experience as a daily material — paper,” the author explained when we contacted her about her work. I’m attempting to transform that commonplace object into something exceptional. Something that makes the spectator pause, take a second look, and consider new possibilities.

Pop-ups were my first foray into paper art. I had been battling with my sketching and painting talents at school for quite some time. I wanted guidelines and yes/no answers for everything, but that’s not how art works. But when I discovered paper as a medium, everything fell into place.

Working with paper came naturally to me since I’ve always had a strong sense of 3D spatial reasoning.

Layering, quilling, paper engineering, and other techniques are now used to make my art. I don’t limit myself to a single technique so that I can experiment and learn new things.

I get ideas from a variety of sources, including animation, fashion, stationery, packaging, and children’s literature. My greatest source of inspiration, though, has been happenings in my own life. It may sound corny, but I believe that’s when I’m at my best. It’s when I’m able to tell a narrative that no one else can.”

More info: jackiehuang.com | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

Anna And Elsa, Frozen


Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty and Ursula, The Little Mermaid


Belle, Beauty And The Beast

The Seven Dwarves, Snow White


The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland


Other works: Koala

Harry and Ron meet Aragog, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets


The first pop-up I ever made


The End.