If You Still Don’t Know What Pet To Pick, Illustrations By This Artist Will Help You Decide (24 New Pics)


The simplest things in life can often provide the most serene and joyful moments: lovely moments of relaxation, the idyll of the routine, bonding with your pet, and so on. However, in the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced modern lives, we often forget this.

So it’s wonderful that artists like Yaoyao Ma Van As can use her illustrations to remind us of these facts. Her drawings have a whimsical style that many find relaxing, and they remind us that happiness is found in appreciating the small things in life.

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As the title of the post suggests, there are many benefits to having a dog. The illustrations are softer arguments, but there are a few more solid and concrete ones. Dogs help you remain active, they reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack, they also help reduce the blood pressure and overall stress levels. And that’s just to name a few.



Here’s how Yaoyao introduces herself in her bio: “I am an art director, painter, illustrator and occasional animator. Over the years I have worked at Disney TV Animation, Warner Brothers Animation, Rick and Morty, Stoopid Buddy Studios, Starburns Industries, etc. I enjoy creating little stories with each of my paintings, especially the ones with my dog Parker in them.”



Yaoyao’s pictures are lighthearted, playful, and almost ephemeral in nature. Even though the photographs are dynamic in and of themselves, she manages to convey the ecstasy of the occasion. The images create the illusion of stillness amid action, which is why they have such a calming and serene effect when viewed.



This is the fourth installment of Yaoyao’s Bored Panda series. If you want to look at the preceding illustrations, no problem; here are the links to each part: I, II, III. Despite the fact that the concept of them is quite similar, this does not detract from any of the photographs, and you may appreciate them just as much as you did in this post. Please take a peek at it!


















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